We’ve got big plans this year, and we’d like to get you involved.  

The University Student Senate invites you to get involved in any capacity that your schedule allows. This can be as simple as voicing your opinion at a meeting, sending us an email, creating your own Student Senate Job Title and Job Description—such as Communications Coordinator, or Social Justice Liaison— or by spearheading a university-wide initiative. We’re currently drafting prospective initiatives for the year, which you may find here, and we’d like you to add to this list!  

To present your ideas to the Student Senate, please attend any of our meetings.  At this point in time, there is nothing off the table, so please, think big. We want to help you better this school.

student research fund

TThe SRA provides support for graduate and undergraduate students in their work as researchers, scholars, and creative practitioners. It awards small grants for developing or implementing a research project (broadly defined to include the full scope of scholarly, creative, and professional practices covered across the colleges of The New School) that has project-related expenses—for example, travel, equipment and supplies, access fees for data, memberships, or dissemination. Proposals are also welcome for other kinds of expenses relevant to student research (broadly defined), including, but not limited to, support for travel to research sites, travel and registration costs for presenting completed work at an academic or professional conference, or costs for showcasing artwork or performances. 

Applicants may apply for a maximum of $3,000 for individual grants or a maximum of $5,000 for collaborative grants that involve more than one student, but applications for smaller levels of funding are also encouraged. The application form provides more details about eligible and ineligible expense categories.

The competition and grant administration are led by the Provost’s Office of Research Support in coordination with the University Student Senate, Student Success, and the Deans’ Offices. Selections are made at the recommendation of a committee of faculty, staff, and students representing a range of fields and expertise. Awardees will be required to report back to the community about the status of the project after the award period has ended, both through a written narrative and (if feasible) in person at a celebratory event open to the entire community.

See the SRA website and our SRA presentation for further details about who is eligible to apply, selection criteria, budgeting requirements, what information faculty mentors need to provide, and when awarded funds must be expended.

Please direct any questions to researchsupport@newschool.edu.

Lawyer for Students

The USS is currently working alongside The New School administration to provide a lawyer for students. This lawyer would be able to help students with issues regardless of its relation to school and provide council and expertise the student might not be aware of such as landlord issues or a roommate not paying rent.  

food pantry

The USS is partnering with the food pantry to provide students with food when they are lacking either the funds or the means to a meal. 

student homelessness

The USS is working towards understanding and improving the homeless situation currently affecting a significant amount of our student body. 

Fossil Fuel Divestment

The USS worked in collaboration with the Sustainability Coalition and the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility to demand that the Board of Trustees divest (no longer invest) from fossil fuel corporations. As part of that initiative a resolution passed unanimously supporting divestment, and a resolution calling on the Board of Trustees to implement the 6-point Climate Change Action Plan of the ACIR also was unanimously supported by the USS. These resolutions were presented to President David Van Zandt at a meeting with a student representative of the Sustainability Coalition present, leading to the USS being invited to present its case for fossil fuel divestment to the Board of Trustees. 

Student Representation on the Board of Trustees

Following the protests against former President Bob Kerrey, a resolution was passed demanding student representation on the Board of Trustees. While many of the other requests were met, board representation has yet to become a reality. Senators of the 2014-2015 Senate have taken Board Representation as their primary initiative, and have completed a resolution which has now been presented to President Van Zandt. Following a Town Hall hosted by the USS, it was determined that much debate will be required to decide on the exact details on student representation such as how the representative(s) is/are selected, the quantity of representatives, the term of those representatives, etc. These details are already flushed out. If you want to learn more, email us at uss@newschool.edu


Condoms, lubrication and toilet paper among other items, are free and accessible at The New School. 

Why aren't menstrual hygiene products, an essential part of women's health, also accessible?

Recently, the city of New York has prioritized women's health. NY is moving to eliminate the pink tax, and a recent bill passed for free menstrual hygiene products in public schools, shelters, and jails. 

The New School should follow suit with this movement which embodies its progressive values and its mission to address critical contemporary issues.

Join the USS in advocating for FREE MENSTRUAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS provided by The New School.

If you have any questions, wish to express your support, or any concerns on this initiative, you may email us at: uss@newschool.edu.