Solidarity with Cecily McMillan!

To all New School students,

On May 5th a guilty verdict was issued against Cecily McMillan, a New School graduate student, for the crime of defending herself against the violent attack and sexual assault by an unidentified, plainclothes cop at an Occupy Wall Street protest. She faces up to 7 years in jail, her attacker, Officer Grantley Bovell, still patrols the streets.

This travesty of justice comes in the context of; the systematic police repression against the Occupy Wall Street movement, itself just one manifestation of the ongoing curtailing of our civil liberties by an expanding police state, and a system where the police, including the NYPD, has the increasing right to assault, molest, search and murder with impunity.

Therefore The New School University Student Senate wishes to announce that it stands in full solidarity with Cecily McMillan and all victims of police repression of dissent. We demand the immediate release of McMillan, and all other political prisoners. The USS will do all it can to support all those victims of sexual assault at The New School, and demands the end to any toleration of Rape Culture in the NYPD, The New School and the larger society.

The USS calls on all members of The New School community to lend their support to Cecily McMillan, her defense campaign, and all victims of police repression and brutality. Please go to her defense campaign's website to learn more on how you can help

Statement adopted and passed by USS on May 13, 2014.

Letter of Solidarity with CUNY Students