Additional Resolution and Letter to Students on Fossil Fuel Divestment

To all New School students,

The University Student Senate was created to express the concerns of the student body to The New School Administration. Our duty is to ensure that the actions taken by the administration accurately reflect the beliefs, values, and needs of the students it aims to serve.

In this light, the University Student Senate calls on The New School’s Board of Trustees to approve the Climate Change Action Plan proposed by The Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility. As a university which touts sustainability as one of its core focuses, and climate change as the issue of our time, it is imperative that we “put our endowment money where our mission is”. Divestment is a key step on the path towards a fossil free future, and if The New School wishes to remain a leader in progressive education and values - we must act now.

Fossil fuel divestment will not remain a progressive idea for much longer as the movement has already spread to over 300 campuses nationwide, and 3 universities have already publicly divested from fossil fuels. The New School however, would be the largest by a wide margin, and news of our action would reach the ears of every climate-conscience student around the globe - the very students we seek to invite to our campus.

We’d like to inform you of an opportunity to take action on the issue of divesting from fossil fuels in our university’s endowment. The Climate Change Action Plan, written by the Advisory Committee for Investor Responsibility, is making its way to the Board of Trustees and they are seeking support from Deans. It would be enormously beneficial to show all the Deans that there is student support behind this issue so that when they are approached, they will voice their support in turn.

Below we have provided a list of all The New School Deans with their respective divisions.  You can make a difference in two different ways:

1. Below is a sample email that you can send to your Dean.  Just copy the text, paste into a new email, sign your name, and send it along to your Dean.

2. We also highly encourage speaking to your Dean in person.  Feel free to reply here, to let us know if you are interested. We can then connect you with other interested students in your department to organize our efforts and make something great happen at The New School!

Joel Towers - Parsons (

Will Milberg - NSSR (

Stephanie Browner - Lang (

Richard Kessler - Mannes (

David Scobey - NSPE (

Pippin Parker - Drama (

Martin Mueller - Jazz (



Dean [last name],

I am concerned about The New School’s efforts to address climate change. I want to let you know that I support the recent document created by the Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility called the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) in its efforts to make a difference through our university’s endowment.  This includes complete divestment from fossil fuels.

I believe this will have a positive impact on recruitment at this university in the short-run and will be financially beneficial in the long-run.

I hope you will consider supporting the CCAP for the reputation of our progressive university.


[your name]

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