September 11, 2015

USS Meeting 9/11/2015


Present: Nico, Logan, Serengeti, Mariko, Ingrid, Petra, Patrick, Dafne, Victoria, Roz


Absent: Lucy, Jovan


Absent with leave: Simon, Maggie, Jessie

Meeting started: 7:12pm


Meeting Adjourned:


  1. Volunteers

    1. Secretary

      1. Nico & Patrick

    2. Treasurer

      1. Nico

  2. Introductions

  3. Housekeeping

    1. Thursday, September 17- D. Van Zandt + USF meeting 4:30-6:00 PM

      1. 66 West 12th Street, 8th Floor Terrace* (enter via President’s Office)

      2. *(If the weather is unfavorable, we will move to the Orozco Room)

    2. Thursday, September 17-Board of Trustees meeting (morning)

      1. Attending representatives:  

    3. Approve Conditional Funding for AID: $695.00 for videographer:

      1. "I was requested to send an email following the September 4 meeting, justifying the need for $695 in AID's proposal for a videographer.The quote of $695 is the lowest cost we had been given previously for our event.It is in our opinion that recording the event, and making it accessible on the school's YouTube channel would help document for the school. As the event takes place during the day, students that work full time could access the discussions at a later time.There are also other events that are running at the School at the same time (such as the Milano International Field Programs presentations). Since the Senate meeting we have been furnished a quote for the same job, with a less experienced technician for $400." (Charlotte Hadley Copper) Patrick motions full funding, seconded, FULL FUNDING APPROVED.

    4. Meeting Scheduling:

      1. Rotating USS General Meeting

      2. Rotating USS Funding Meeting

    5. Honorary Degree Committee

      1. Seeking USS Liason

        1. Here are the dates and times that I’d like to hold for our meetings.  There will only be a few, so the commitment isn’t too onerous: Thursday September 24, 12 noon, Thursday October 8, 12 noon, Thursday October 15, 12 noon (if needed)  


  1. New Initiatives/Initiative Updates

    1. Board Meeting: Selecting “Interim Co-Chairs”

    2. Time-line for Executive Board Elections & Student Trustees

      1. Senators are to review agreement that was approved last year

      2. Internal elections for co-chair and trustee positions -- Patrick motions elections in two weeks, 9/25. Unanimously approved. Addendum: Send email to all voting senators notifying them of elections.

    3. National Voting Registration Day

      1. Seeking volunteer: September 22nd, Tuesday, 12:00- 3:00pm.

      2. Draft University-wide Email for NVRD (Serengeti)

    4. Admissions and Enrollment Management Service

      1. Senators need to fill out the Doodle Poll

      2. Senators to seek non-voting Senators for meeting

  2. Delegations

    1. Website w/ bio’s and photos

      1. Wanja

    2. Flyers Approval

      1. Nico motions for conditional approval with Logan’s addition of “Free Food”. Approved.

    3. First Email to Student Body

      1. Edit Google Doc here:


  1. Proposals

    1. Nicole: “Conversation with Black Girl Dangerous”

      1. Contact: Nicole Story

      2. Speaking event for Mia Mackenzie

      3. $8,500 honorarium, total $10,860.00

      4. Grand total of $10,860

      5. $5000 requested TODAY

      6. Expected attendance of 150


        1. Many inconsistencies, Professor lead, not student lead, issue of sovereignty?

        2. What happened to the research fund of the Professor?

        3. May seek additional funding from LSU, Social Justice Committee

        4. Motion: Deny funding, foster greater student involvement, inquiry about additional sources of funding, especially from Professor’s research fund.  VOTE: UNANIMOUS

        5. Nicole Story,

    2. Jia: “Brunch Under the Stars”

      1. Contact: Jia

      2. Seeking feedback before submission of official proposal

      3. Exploring connection to self and community in relation to entrepreneurial pursuits

      4. Seventh floor garden of UC as alternative venue?

      5. Expected attendance of 40

      6. Requesting $700-$1000 tentatively


        1. FEEDBACK: explore on campus venue, itemized budget, share Parsons Senator emails, & Parsons Student Senate

    3. Gene Derosena: “The Nonviolence Project”

      1. Contact: Marte Samuelstuen and Nicholas Allanach

      2. Film series, Women, War, & Peace screening following by discussion

      3. Over the course of 5 weeks

      4. Expected attendance of 50 at each event

      5. Amount requested: $1,446.75


        1. Cons: First event is on Wednesday

        2. MOTION: Full funding ($1,446.75) with the condition that the group may have to pay out of pocket for the first event. In the case that the group pays out of pocket for the first event, the USS will reimburse the group for their expenditures.

        3. MOTION: $46.75 will be reimbursed by the USS.

        4., Gene Derosena

    4. Lou: “The Homecomingout Ball”

      1. In affiliation with The Queer Collective

      2. In contact with Student Health Services and LSU for additional funding

      3. Co-sponsors - Safe Zone, Pronoun Collective, SOAD

      4. Total estimated cost of event: $1,625 barring additional funding

      5. Request to USS subject to be lower than originally proposed

      6. Estimated attendance of 75-100

      7. STUDENT-RUN


        1. Not enough specifics, refine proposal and come back next week.

        2. Conversations regarding seeking additional funding sources prior to presenting to the USS

        3. MOTION: Hold off funding until they can bring us more information, on the budget specifically, and a more informed speaker, and to bring a quote from the Lang Student Union

          1. 9 YES, 1 NO.

          2. CONTACT: Lou Purington,

    5. AID “Sustainable Fashion”

      1. Increase in funding requested on account of increased public interest in event

      2. Over 200 RSVP’s without any official promotion yet

      3. Requesting $750 in total

      4. $400 for refreshments, honorarium $100, HCD workshop supplement $100, travel cost increase $150


        1. 6 YES, 2 NO, 2 ABSTENTION, PASSED for additional $750

        2. Danielle Robinson,

  3. Open Floor

    1. Meeting Times

      1. Prior notice from elections to host meeting at Friday’s at 7:00

      2. Doodle Poll: Wanja will make

    2. USS Update on Linda’s meeting

      1. Make all expenditures public every month

      2. Make all allocations public

    3. Social Justice Liaison position created and Joseph and Petra have been voted into the position

September 4, 2015

USS Meeting 9/4/2015






Absent with leave:

Meeting started:


Meeting Adjourned:


  1. Introductions

  2. Reminder

    1. Thursday, September 17- D. Van Zandt + USF meeting 4:30-6:00 PM

    2. Thursday, September 17-Board of Trustees meeting (morning)

    3. 66 West 12th Street, 8th Floor Terrace* (enter via President’s Office)

    4. *(If the weather is unfavorable, we will move to the Orozco Room)

  3. New Initiatives/Initiative Updates

    1. First Email to All Students

    2. Initiatives: Pizza Party or Dinner with Senators, linking up with divisional student governments. Options

  • Doing the Pizza Party


  • the Dinner


  • BOTH

  • Conclusion: We will reach out with each divisional student government and decide from there.

  1. New Community  liaison initiative: Quick vote: passed

  2. Meeting w/ all student club leaders: Quick vote: passed

  3. Joint Meetings with Student Gov’s Town hall: Quick Vote: passed

  4. USS Town Hall: Quick Vote: passed

  5. Constitutionality of Student Trustees terms who will be extended: language needs to examined

  6. MetroFAIR: Compromise, reduction of financial aid for all students, “there needs to be more organization and more people joining”, forming a city-wide student union to participate. Maybe building a closer relationship with MTA

  7. Entrepreneurship at TNS: Logan, partnering up with Cardozo, information on building a business.

  8. Credit discount for unpaid internships: paying for credits for unpaid internships, discounting the price of credits. Not being able to get credits for internships as a Freshman. Possibly building a committee for the initiatives.

  9. Research Fund-Simon, absent

  10. Dining Dollars

  11. Meeting with Admission/Enrollment Services Administrators

  12. New Initiative: each week inviting a divisional student govt leader, to get updated on their initiatives

  • Conclusion: getting started with initiatives by next week.


Nico Motions to make “USS Initiatives” spreadsheet public, view only, unanimous


  1. Proposals

    1. Michael Castrovilla presenting “TNS Mock Trial Team”

  • “provide a space where similar minds are allowed to collaborate together”, “raise awareness and understanding of the American legal system”.

  • 2nd year in existence, previously received funding from the USS.

  • Made it to regionals

  • Recognized by OSDA

  • Deadline is October

  • Request: The American Mock Trial Association.

  • Amount Requested: Total of $605.00 broken down in 3 sections

    • $450 for 2016 School Registration

    • $125 Regional Team Registration

    • $30 Mock Championship DVD.

B. Charlotte Cooper presenting “Made by people”, a conference on clothes & the people who make them.

  • “deconstructing the fashion industry”, “a proactive conference bringing fashion and design pros from industry and academia”

  • Amount requested: $3250

  • Reserve 3 rooms for an expected 150 people.

C.  Edward Guetti presenting the “Wittgenstein Workshop”

  • $2500 covers the 9 workshop events.

    • $1600 as honorariums for the speakers

    • $900 for refreshments

    • First workshop is October 2nd

  • recommendations: to email the head of the philosophy dept.

  • estimate of 25 people attending


Proposal decisions:


*Special motion: 60% of 10 Senators need to vote for the motion to be passed.


Proposal A:

Nico, Patrick, and Petra abstain from voting due to conflict of interest (taking or took the class).


13 senators present

3 Abstain

10 qualified voters


10 in favor, MOTION for $605.00 PASSES


Proposal B:

Motion: Jovan motions for full funding

Motion: Maggie motions for full funding with a condition: clarification of videographer ($695), funds for videographer will not be allocated until that is clarified → 10 in favor, 1 abstain (Patrick, for lack of proof of budget) ,

MOTION for $3,250 PASSES with a hold on $695


Proposal C:

Unanimous, in favor, MOTION for $2,500 PASSES


  1. Budget

    1. Thursday 3:30 p.m. 9/10, Meeting with Linda Reimer

    2. Patrick motions to make all funding public, unanimous, MOTION PASSES

  2. Open floor    

    1. Catherine - Social Justice Liaison - 5 bullet point list from Petra and Joseph

    2. Meeting hours: compromising

    3. Patrick: proposes more senators for each division.


  • visitor: criticism and demand for clarification.

    • water was $9

    • many students were “turned away”.

    • should consult the student body

    • consult with student orgs that are competent in event management

    • amend the USS Constitution article that states that we cannot pay students.

E. Wanja: having more options available in terms of food and drinks (vegetarian options)