September 7, 2018

Friday, September 7th 2018


Present Senators: Lex,Maftuna, Nina, Ahad, Mario, Zoe, (Joey at 6:15p), Katie, Didi, Deja, Alexis, Jonathan, Frank (arrived at 6:18p)

Visitors: Jackson

Absent: N/A

Meeting started: 6:09pm

Meeting adjourned: 7:30pm


Meeting Minutes


1)    Welcome Back

a)    Senators introduced themselves

2)    Website and Alexis collecting bios

a)    Those who have not send out their bios, they should do so. (Deja, Joey, Jonathan)

b)    Alexis talking about increasing visibility. Using more social media.

c)    Alexis and Mario working on the official USS website

d)    Alexis registering the USS to the Narwhal Nation

3)    Seats in the Senate

a)    We should go back to find the person elected before

b)    We should hold a special election for the empty seats.

4)    Survey

a)    Lex proposing the idea of sending out a survey, so as to see people’s experience. (School specific or University wide?)

b)    Deja proposed the idea of creating a survey on, similar to the course evaluations notifications.

c)    Lex proposed a small subcommittee (Joey, Didi, Deja, Alexis, Lex, Maftuna)

5)    Initiatives for Next Semester

a)    The agenda will be open from today till Tuesday.

6)    Advisory Board

a)    Food Advisory Board (Frank,Katie, Joey, Maftuna)

b)    Honorary Degree (Didi, Deja, Mario, Lex)

7)    Fall Conference

a)    Washington Leadership Confer(Lex, Frank, Katie, Didi, Alexis, Joey, Maftuna, Zoe)

b)     Nina’s women conference 26th-28th of October (Deja, Nina, Didi maybe, Katie maybe, Maftuna, Maybe)

8)    Funding Committee

a)    Brainstorming on how to structure the committee

b)    Deja presented ideas

c)    Skepticism on the idea of the committee

d)    Breakdown of the meeting minutes, creating a budget representing money allocation for fiscal year 2017-2018



1.     Jackson came in after he attended the orientation


General USS Reports

1.     Nina reporting on her upcoming absence (probably excusing that absence, as she will be representing the senate)

2.     Nina reporting her appointment as a Vice President Leading Women of Tomorrow



September 14, 2018

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