September 4, 2015

USS Meeting 9/4/2015






Absent with leave:

Meeting started:


Meeting Adjourned:


  1. Introductions

  2. Reminder

    1. Thursday, September 17- D. Van Zandt + USF meeting 4:30-6:00 PM

    2. Thursday, September 17-Board of Trustees meeting (morning)

    3. 66 West 12th Street, 8th Floor Terrace* (enter via President’s Office)

    4. *(If the weather is unfavorable, we will move to the Orozco Room)

  3. New Initiatives/Initiative Updates

    1. First Email to All Students

    2. Initiatives: Pizza Party or Dinner with Senators, linking up with divisional student governments. Options

  • Doing the Pizza Party


  • the Dinner


  • BOTH

  • Conclusion: We will reach out with each divisional student government and decide from there.

  1. New Community  liaison initiative: Quick vote: passed

  2. Meeting w/ all student club leaders: Quick vote: passed

  3. Joint Meetings with Student Gov’s Town hall: Quick Vote: passed

  4. USS Town Hall: Quick Vote: passed

  5. Constitutionality of Student Trustees terms who will be extended: language needs to examined

  6. MetroFAIR: Compromise, reduction of financial aid for all students, “there needs to be more organization and more people joining”, forming a city-wide student union to participate. Maybe building a closer relationship with MTA

  7. Entrepreneurship at TNS: Logan, partnering up with Cardozo, information on building a business.

  8. Credit discount for unpaid internships: paying for credits for unpaid internships, discounting the price of credits. Not being able to get credits for internships as a Freshman. Possibly building a committee for the initiatives.

  9. Research Fund-Simon, absent

  10. Dining Dollars

  11. Meeting with Admission/Enrollment Services Administrators

  12. New Initiative: each week inviting a divisional student govt leader, to get updated on their initiatives

  • Conclusion: getting started with initiatives by next week.


Nico Motions to make “USS Initiatives” spreadsheet public, view only, unanimous


  1. Proposals

    1. Michael Castrovilla presenting “TNS Mock Trial Team”

  • “provide a space where similar minds are allowed to collaborate together”, “raise awareness and understanding of the American legal system”.

  • 2nd year in existence, previously received funding from the USS.

  • Made it to regionals

  • Recognized by OSDA

  • Deadline is October

  • Request: The American Mock Trial Association.

  • Amount Requested: Total of $605.00 broken down in 3 sections

    • $450 for 2016 School Registration

    • $125 Regional Team Registration

    • $30 Mock Championship DVD.

B. Charlotte Cooper presenting “Made by people”, a conference on clothes & the people who make them.

  • “deconstructing the fashion industry”, “a proactive conference bringing fashion and design pros from industry and academia”

  • Amount requested: $3250

  • Reserve 3 rooms for an expected 150 people.

C.  Edward Guetti presenting the “Wittgenstein Workshop”

  • $2500 covers the 9 workshop events.

    • $1600 as honorariums for the speakers

    • $900 for refreshments

    • First workshop is October 2nd

  • recommendations: to email the head of the philosophy dept.

  • estimate of 25 people attending


Proposal decisions:


*Special motion: 60% of 10 Senators need to vote for the motion to be passed.


Proposal A:

Nico, Patrick, and Petra abstain from voting due to conflict of interest (taking or took the class).


13 senators present

3 Abstain

10 qualified voters


10 in favor, MOTION for $605.00 PASSES


Proposal B:

Motion: Jovan motions for full funding

Motion: Maggie motions for full funding with a condition: clarification of videographer ($695), funds for videographer will not be allocated until that is clarified → 10 in favor, 1 abstain (Patrick, for lack of proof of budget) ,

MOTION for $3,250 PASSES with a hold on $695


Proposal C:

Unanimous, in favor, MOTION for $2,500 PASSES


  1. Budget

    1. Thursday 3:30 p.m. 9/10, Meeting with Linda Reimer

    2. Patrick motions to make all funding public, unanimous, MOTION PASSES

  2. Open floor    

    1. Catherine - Social Justice Liaison - 5 bullet point list from Petra and Joseph

    2. Meeting hours: compromising

    3. Patrick: proposes more senators for each division.


  • visitor: criticism and demand for clarification.

    • water was $9

    • many students were “turned away”.

    • should consult the student body

    • consult with student orgs that are competent in event management

    • amend the USS Constitution article that states that we cannot pay students.

E. Wanja: having more options available in terms of food and drinks (vegetarian options)

September 11, 2015