September 25, 2015

USS Meeting 9/25/2015

Present Senators: Nico, Mariko, Ingrid, Maggie, Joy, Petra, Patrick, Simon, Jovan, Dafne, Roz, Logan, Serengeti, Jessie (14 present)

Visitors: Michael (non senator), Ruben (non senator),Chris (non senator), Mohammed (non-senator), Anara (non-senator), Joseph (non-senator) (6 present)

Absent with leave:
Absent:  Wanja, Victoria

Meeting started: 7:20 PM

Meeting Adjourned: 9:27PM

  1. Reading of Agenda & Introductions

  2. Anara’ Update of Change in Sexual Assault Policy

    1. Meeting with Sexy Collective.

    2. Senator training for presence on the panel.

    3. Administration is in works to rework policy.

    4. Logan to coordinate meeting with  Cardozo law contact to review the present language and possibly apply stronger policies.

    5. Next step is to enforce stronger rules, and wait for result. If negative, we will pass around the petition.

  3. USS Meeting Facilitation    

    1. Simon- proposes that the Co-Chair facilitates meetings with a rotating schedule. It I encourage each senator to facilitate, however this is not mandatory. Joseph proposes that each senator presents instead.

    2. MOTION (Simon): To have all senators encouraged to facilitate: 14 in favor, MOTION PASSES

  4. Lang Elections Spring 2016

    1. 50% of seats are up for reelection.

    2. Simon & Nico present a solution for a tie in the Lang elections. One “priority” seat for those in the tie along with normal elections for a the second seat.

    3. Simon and Nico will write out the language.      

  5. 3rd Party Election Process

  1. Joint Divisional Student Senate Meetings

    1. Motion approved schedule as follows:    

      1. NSSR, LSU, PASU, PSS

  2. University Wide Email


  3. Senate Liaisons

  4. Honorary Degree Committee-Serengeti

  5. New School Alumni Update - Maggie  presenting on the Parsons Reunion: October 10th, requesting Parsons Senators to participate, however, all are welcome

  6. Constitutional Reading & Recommendations


  7. Updates: University Town Hall, Tuesday Oct. 6th.

  8. Executive Board/Trustee Elections     

    1. Co-Chair: Simon , Serengeti, Petra, Patrick

    2. Treasurer: Joseph

    3. Secretary: Maggie

    4. Communications Director: Joy!

    5. Graduate Trustee (pink card): Ingrid, Jovan

    6. Undergraduate Trustee (yellow card): Patrick, Logan, Nico

Election Results:

Graduate Trustee:  Ingrid

Undergraduate Trustee: Nico

Co-Chairs: Simon, Serengeti, Patrick


MOTION (Nico): To have Joseph, Maggie, and Joy be elected in their respective executive positions. UNANIMOUS, MOTION PASSES


October 2, 2015

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