September 18, 2015

USS Meeting 9/18/2015

Present: Nico, Simon, Serengeti, Dafne, Joy, Petra, Victoria, Mariko, Logan, Patrick, Wanja, Maggie, Jovan

Absent with leave: Roz
Absent:  Ingrid, Jessie

Meeting started: 7:05 PM

Meeting Adjourned: 10:00PM

  1. Reading of Agenda & Introductions

    1. Senator Resignation

    2. NEW SENATOR: JOY DOUGLAS : accepts position.

    3. Funding Guidelines Revision - by Simon, Patrick

  • Going through every paragraph and making a motion.

  • Motion to adopt 8 minutes total in presentation (5mins in presentation, 3 minutes in questions)-1 abstain-15 in favor, MOTION PASSES.

  • Putting a limit to the amount of presentations that will be presented.

  • Having one hard copy of the proposals

  • Motion for an online studying and voting on each paragraph: 1 abstain-15 in favor, MOTION PASSES.


  1. Bios for Website

    1. Not all Senators have filled out the form. Deadline: by Friday 25th.

  2. Email settings for Senators - by Simon

    1. Making sure settings are on IMAP and not POP.

  3. Google Group

    1. Private Email vs. New School Email: Motion for a USS Google Group. MOTION TABLED.

    2. Motion to get this done by next week. Unanimous, MOTION PASSES.

  4. Divisional Communication Contacts - by Simon

    1. Motion to establish communications contact by school: 9 in Favor, 2 Opposed, 1 Abstain, MOTION PASSES.

  5. UC Bathrooms (Email by Chiara Passerini)

    1. Restrooms in horrible state, students are dissatisfied

    2. Contacting facilities management, getting information on their shifts, informing them on broken sensors

    3. Replying to the student once decision has been made.

    4. Motion to contact facilities, unanimous, MOTION PASSES


  1. Initiative Updates

    1. Anara-Sexual Assault and bullying. Immediately advocate and enforce policy on sexual assault. Advocate for stronger penalties, other than simple probation. Institute a “No-Tolerance” policy. Possibly make a petition. Making a committee. USS could help write the language.

      1. Contacts: Anara Askar: Joy, Mariko, Serengeti, Dafne, Victoria, Petra, Patrick, Maggie, Jovan, Logan

      2. Petition: Joseph, Wanja, Serengeti

      3. Motion for USS to endorse Anara’s initiative to change sexual assault policy at The New School. PASSED: UNANIMOUS


      1. 9 floor to become Drama floor

      2. Not enough space for drama students. Demands: curtains, microwaves, soundproofing, basic improvements, meeting with administration and facilities to negotiate for improvements. Lack of information, more info needed.

      3. 150 Undergraduate students, Total of 300 students  in the Drama program.

      4. Conclusion: find more information, write letter with subsequent endorsement of the USS.  

      5. Motion for USS to endorse Victoria’s initiative to explore the option of addressing the Drama Facilities, especially in regards to the 9th floor of Arnold Hall.

  2. Funding Proposal

    1. Lou - Homecoming Out Ball, Queer Collective, sponsored by Student Health Services, Pronoun Collective

      1. 2nd presentation, event will be taking place at the UC

      2. 4th year running, is apparently a success.

      3. Total funds requested: $1,375, Jovan Seconded

      4. MOTION: Full funding, Jovan seconded, 3 in favor for full funding, ; 9 abstentions; MOTION DENIED

        1. Come back next week. The USS would like create a more robust representation. DENIED: The USS asks for more information regarding invoices, if the DJ fee will include speakers, how many Displays boards, where the food is coming from, what is the purposes of the photo backdrop.

    2. Josh - Jewish Student Union

      1. Goal: to host Shabbat Dinner (6 total dinners, 3 times a semester) 35

      2. Average of 30 people attending. 350/Event , not exclusive to Jewish students.

      3. Total funds requested: $2100

      4. MOTION: Patrick motions for full funding with one recommendation: to get a report on the BDS (?)  

        1. 4 in favor

        2. 7 opposed

        3. 1 abstain

        4. MOTION DENIED

MOTION: full funding, unanimous (12 yes), MOTION PASSED


  1. Jia  -Brunch in the Stars by Legends in Training

    1. Proposed date: October 4th from 3-9pm

    2. About wellness, community building, entrepreneurship

    3. $350 for food if provided by TJ’s ; instead of 600$ from LPQ

    4. Total funds requested: $475 (with Trader Joe’s)

    5. MOTION: Full Funding of $475, unanimous, MOTION PASSES

  2. Jia - Ice Cream Social:  Started from the bottom, Now we’re Queer

  1. Proposed date: October 6th

  2. Advisor, Tamra from Student Health Services

  3. Total funds requested: $220     

  4. MOTION: Full funding with a recommendation to push back the date, unanimous, MOTION PASSES.


  1. Jochem-Performing Arts/      

    1. Initiative across divisions (drama, jazz, mannes, parsons)

    2. No cost to rent the old Tischman auditorium performances will take place in May. 2 performances on 14th and 15th Saturday and Sunday.

    3. Requesting the FOAP code of the USS to secure the venue, in case of emergency.

    4. Administration unwilling to collaborate.

    5. Concerns on behalf of USS regarding clarity of The New School Insurance

    6. No funds requested, just the USS FOAP

    7. MOTION:To grant access to the FOAP with the stipulation to provide an update on liabilities. Unanimous, MOTION PASSES


  1. General Topics: Patrick, tentative meeting time Tuesday September 22nd 6pm,

  2. MOTION:  Beginning with the following meeting on 9/25/15, meeting agendas will be conducted on a rotating schedule, beginning with a USS General, Non-Funding Meeting, followed by a USS Funding meeting. 8 in favor, 2 abstains, 3 in opposed. MOTION PASSES.

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