October 16, 2015

USS Funding Meeting: 10/16/2015

Facilitator: Joseph Kushibab/ Treasurer



Present Senators: [Simon, Nico, Joy, Dafne, Ingrid, Serengeti, Joseph, Javarius, Brooke Jovan (20 minutes late), Wanja (30 minutes late)]

Absent with leave: Logan, Maggie

Absent: [Mariko]

Meeting Started: 7:00pm

Meeting Adjourned: 9:45 pm



*For this meeting, quorum is reached at: [11] present Senators (Total of 16 Qualified Senators; Quorum is reached with ⅓ of qualified Senators present. )





  1. Presenter: Nadine Rachid

Associated Organization: HUB.Up

Event Name: Operational Funding

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?: OSDA APPROVED CLUB

Amount Asked For: $500.00


  • Requesting funding for operating costs of weekly meetings (Food & Coffee)

  • 8 meetings left

  • miscellaneous items ($50)


Motions: Nico motions for FULL FUNDING, Wanja Seconds, 8 yes, 3 abstained: MOTION PASSES

Amount Awarded: $500.00


2. Presenter: Andrew Tripp <tripa252@newschool.edu>

Associated Organization: NSSR Graduate Student Philosophy

Event Name: Philosophy Graduate Student Conference

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?:

Amount Asked For: $3989.00

Acquired $1900.00 from other funding sources


  • Discipline: Philosophy; topic Essentialism

  • Majority of requested funding (~$1000) will be going to speaker’s travel.

  • Expected attendance of 50-100 people

  • Benefit TNS: because of Keynote Speakers (1 out of 2 speakers are Alumnus)

  • Two breakfasts, two lunches

  • Will take place October 16th 2015

  • Non New School guests are also invited

  • Have requested funds from other sources

  • Speaker is Alumni

  • Event is Recurring approx 1996.

Motions: Ingrid motions for FULL FUNDING, Dafne seconds, 4 in favor 3 opposed 4 abstained: MOTION DOES NOT PASS,  Got 57% of the vote, asking them for a more information and clarity, especially an clearer itemized budget

Amount Awarded: $0.00


3. Presenter: Matt Stewart <stewm247@newschool.edu>

Associated Organization: Mannes

Event Name: N.A. (Honorarium)

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?: NO

Amount Asked For: $750.00


  • Mannes Student working with Parsons to integrate visuals and sounds

  • Plan to apply to grants & The New Challenge


  • How does it benefit students: multimedia lab to integrate visuals and sounds. Aims to integrate this into the curriculum

  • Where do the appliances go after project is completed? They will be open for New School students to rent


Motions: Brooke motions for FULL FUNDING, JAVARIUS SECONDS,  8 yes, 1 opposed, 2 abstain, MOTION PASSES

Amount Awarded: $750.00



4. Presenter: Malgorzata Bakalarz <bakam123@newschool.edu>

Associated Organization: NSSR Sociology

Event Name: "Hyphenated Identities - Discourses, Questions, and Polemics,"         international conference

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?: NO, but associated with Transregional Center Democratic Studies

Amount Asked For: $3,300.00

Received Funding From Other Sources: $2,500 (Columbia University)$5,000 (IAM, Poland)

Date of Event: December 4th


  • Organizing a series of events (NSSR, Parsons, Columbia-Dpt of Eastern European Studies)

  • International Conference

  • Received 45 abstracts (12 will present, 3 from The New School)

  • Asking for funding just for the Conference

  • Capacity of the Orozco Room is 50 people, however, more are expected (concerns)

  • Mainly New School students along with Columbia students will attend

  • Will include New School students in the presentation

  • Trying to get Streaming for online video given that Orozco room is small

  • Will be covered in 2 different magazines

Motions:  Simon motions to DENY FUNDING, Joy seconds, 10 yes, 1 abstain

(Jovan’s comment: You didn’t meeting funding guidelines  

Amount Awarded: $0.00


    Homecoming out Ball: Motion to deny funding ahead of presentation because of time          constraints (1 week left before event) MOTION PASSES


5. Presenter: Muhammed Korany <koram393@newschool.edu>

Associated Organization: Engage Media lab

Event Name: Engage Media Lab Fall Mixer

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?: YES

Amount Asked For: $560.00 (Initially  $700 , lowered because the USS does not fund alcohol)


  • Expected 50 students

  • Last year : event resulted in creation of 4 workshops

  • Recurring Event: 1 mixer per semester

  • Sought outside funding via Student Finance Committee (OSDA Funding) BUT funding for this Committee has been frozen

  • Initial budget for drinks of $200 will be adjusted to $140 given that we do not fund alcohol.


Motions:  Serengeti motions for full funding, Wanja Seconds,  9 yes, 2 abstain. PASSES FULL FUNDING

Amount Awarded:$560.00


6. Presenter: Susie Jange <jangs471@newschool.edu>

Associated Organization:

Event Name: Climb The Wall

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?:

Amount Asked For: $4,540

Recurring Event? YES



  • Main Venue: Brooklyn Boulders

  • Assisting students with learning differences

  • 16 students expected (?)



Amount Awarded: $0.00


7. Presenter: Gideon Lazarus

Associated Organization: Mock Trial

Event Name: Mock Trial

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?:YES

Amount Asked For: $3,383.50

Received Funding from other sources: received/set to receive $3,503.50 from LSU


  • 2nd year in a row

  • Got invited to Mock Trial Competition in Iowa and is requesting funding for travel

Motions for FULL FUNDING 4 in favor 2 opposed, 5 abstained; MOTION PASSED

Amount Awarded: $3,383.50


8. Presenter: Sara Hassani

Associated Organization: NSSR Dept. of Politics

Event Name: Althusser Workshop

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?: NO

Amount Asked For: $1000


  • Secured funding from: Dean's Office ($500), Union of Politics Science Students ($500), Politics Department ($500); does not fund intl speakers.

  • Event last year benefited the student body in an academic manner

  • Speakers from various countries

  • Grad student papers will be presented

  • 100-150 expected students to show up

  • will be advertised throughout the whole university

  • Student papers might be reworked towards a celebratory volume or an online journal

Motions: Maggie Jovan for full funding, Maggie seconds, 10 in favor, 1 abstained; MOTION PASSES

Amount Awarded:


9. Presenter: Kadin

Associated Organization: Ping Chong & Co.

Event Name: “Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity”

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?:

Amount Asked For: $5000.00 received $ from outside sources (from whom)

Date: February 5th


  • Expected attendance is 400

  • past events have sold out nearly 300 seats

  • free to New School students

  • received $ from outside sources

Motions: Nico motions for Kadin to come back with itemized budget.  11 in favor, Unanimous. MOTION PASSES

Amount Awarded:


10. Presenter: Hadley Cooper <coopc361@newschool.edu>

Associated Organization: AID

Event Name: Kiva Information Session

Is This Organization OSDA Recognized?: YES

Amount Asked For: $990.00


  • Have previously been funded by USS

  • November 5th event will cost ($210)

  • November 19th event (Info session)  will cost ($780)

  • Asking for Food and Poster for event and meeting advertise for both events

  • Workshop for microfinance  

  • Expecting 80 people to attend

Motions: Nico motions for full funding of $990: 9 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstained, MOTION PASSES


Amount Awarded:




Homecoming out: Motion to deny funding ahead of presentation because of time constraints (1 week left before event) MOTION PASSES  




  1. Resignations/Group Check In

  2. Shirts & Delegations

  3. Javarius- USS Contact Info Fall 2015

  4. Interim Co-Chair

  5. Funding Guidelines + Questions (internal funding 3 week deadline)

  6. Meeting with COO, VP, Director of Institutional Research Wednesday October 21st 2015

  7. USS Room Access/Aliya Contact

  8. Updating Website







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