September 21, 2018


Friday, September 21st 2018


Present Senators: Zoe, Maftuna, Joey, Mario, Zoe, Katie, Didi, Deja, Alexis, Jonathan, Frank, Ahad

Visitors: Jackson, George

Absent: N/A

Meeting started: 6:06pm

Meeting adjourned: 9:50


Public Forum One:
1. George

            Check out the bollywood event


Meeting Minutes


1)    Impeachment Hearing

a)    Zoe explains Nina’s constitutional violation

b)    Section 8 B1- failure to perform duties

c)    Code of conduct article 3 and 3.1

d)    Nina explains the incident

e)    Ahad motioned to decide whether or not we are going to impeach Nina, Joey seconds, 11 in favor, 1 abstained

f)      Didi motions to move forward with the impeachment and Deja seconds, unanimous

g)    Deja motions to have Lex and Mario outside the room, 9 vote for, 3 vote against

h)    Nina was voted to be impeached- 9 voted yes 1 abstained

2)    Executive Board Elections

a)    Joey and Deja both want to run

b)    Deja wins unanimously

3)    Empty seats on the senate

a)    Looked at the results from the last election to ask the runner ups if they would like to accept a seat in the senate

b)    There are 6 empty seats on the senate currently

c)    Co-Chairs will work together to send out emails to runner ups about their position

4)    Fall conference

a)    The conference will take place next semester because we do not want to use student funds for travel

b)    The same conference is occurring March 2nd in NYC and we will not have to pay for travel and accommodation

5)    Student Research Fund

a)    Deadline for the spring semester is the 15th of October

b)    Ahad has been in contact with the Provost Office and they have an email saying how they did it

c)    Ahad will use the template and draft an email to send out on behalf of the USS

d)    Need volunteers to review the applications- Didi and Deja will represent us

6)    Survey

a)    Survey was send out by Lex and we are waiting for the responses until next week

7)    Deja and Katie initiatives

a)    Pop up market - they will come up with a budget

b)    The new school roast - they will come up with a budget

c)    Speed “dating” - meet someone in the same program as you or with similar interests

d)    Student poll - an occasional poll

e)    Scholarship

f)      Budget inquiry

g)    Humanize the administration with the students

h)    Some type of culture center - women's center, LGBTQ center, office of interculture relations

i)      Dining dollars - they don’t roll over after the spring semester

j)      Emergency housing initiative - maybe taking the dollars unused for the students who are unable to access food

k)    Student engagement

8)    Advisory Board

9)    Revisions

a)    Revisions to the code of conduct and constitution

b)    This meeting will take place at the next internal meeting





General USS Reports




September 14, 2018




Present Senators: Maftuna, Joey, Mario, Zoe, Katie, Didi, Deja, Alexis, Jonathan, Frank, Ahad, Nina

Visitors: 11 presentations- names below

Absent: Didi

Meeting started: 6:11

Meeting Adjourned: 9:40


With a Senate of 13, quorum is 4 meaning 4 Senators

For this meeting, quorum is reached because there are [ 12 ] present Senators


  1. Louis Arques - Mannes / Musical Outreach Community

  2. Dahee Lee - Game Club

  3. Jackie Traish - Mannes

  4. Jason Rochford - Milano Consortium

  5. Zachary Goodman - Mannes

  6. Manasvini Nayar - Bollywood Night

  7. Sarah Fried - Black Student Union

  8. La XENTE

  9. Helios Bajwa - Minorities and Philosophy

  10. Covi Brannan - With Strength and Faith

  11. Miranda Young - NYC Wittgenstein Workshop


  1. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization:- MAP at The New School

    2. School: NSSR

    3. SLI recognized: -

    4. Event Name: “Oppression and Resistance” -  NY Minorities and Philosophy

    5. Event Date: Oct 12th + 13th

    6. Amount Requested: $1083.40 total

    7. Comments:  Conference held at NYU, funding for tickets and accommodations for keynote speaker

    8. Alternative sources of funding: $1000 from each participating group from all NY MAP chapter schools: Columbia, CUNY Graduate Center, NYU, Princeton, Rutgers

    9. Motions:

      1. Nina motion full funding, Zoe second, 11 vote yes, 1 vote no, Joey motion $1000

    10. Amount Awarded: $1083.40

  2. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: Design Technology BFA + MFA

    2. School: Parsons

    3. SLI recognized: -

    4. Event Name: Motion Jam

    5. Event Date: Sept. 28th-30th

    6. Amount Requested: $5040 ideal (~5000 negotiable per cap)

    7. Comments:  Food (Bravo Pizza or Joe’s), equipment, other essentials/ Open to all New School students

    8. Alternative sources of funding: Supplies from DT program, no other $ funding

    9. Motions:

      1. Lex motions to deny funding, Marios second, Lex redacted

      2. Ahad vote to deny funding saying they can come back with more details, Alexis second, 10 yes, 1 abstain, 1 no

      3. Deja motion to let them re-present with details on the 21st such as an itemized budget and potential alternate source of funding, redacted, Joey re-enacts motion

    10. Amount Awarded: $0

  3. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: Musical Outreach Community

    2. School: Mannes/Copa

    3. SLI recognized: Musical Outreach Community

    4. Event Name: NewOrch

    5. Event Date: Sept. 22nd and 23rd

    6. Amount Requested: $8,500-9,300 ideally accepting there’s a $5,000 cap

    7. Comments:  Recognizes $5,000 cap, willing to negotiate which areas of budget would be funded, tickets being sold $30, $40 at the door, 20% off for $24 New School student

    8. Alternative sources of funding: Personal deposits, 500 Student Org support

    9. Motions:

      1. Lex motion fund $5000, Maftuna second, Lex redacted

      2. Joey motion fund full amount and abandon constitution,

      3. Zoe motion venue space and rehearsal space

      4. Marios motion 5000, 1500 venue 1500 rehearsal, 1500 timpani, 500 catering, Ahad second, unanimous yes

    10. Amount Awarded: $5,000

  4. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: MA Arts management +Entrepreneurship

    2. School: School of Drama

    3. SLI recognized: -

    4. Event Name: With Strength and Faith

    5. Event Date: Dec. 14th + 15th

    6. Amount Requested: $1,864

    7. Comments:  Hiring and casting designers and actors from within The New School community for a 2 day showcase

    8. Alternative sources of funding: -

    9. Motions:

      1. Marios motion fund everything but actor pay (with the exception of 2 non-New School actors young and old) and let her know she can come back for pay for additional non-new school students, Alexis second, unanimous

      2. Joey motion fund in full

    10. Amount Awarded: $1,564

  5. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: Public and Urban Policy Doctoral Student Association

    2. School: Milano

    3. SLI recognized: -

    4. Event Name: The Kia Fiedler Research Colloquium

    5. Event Date: Oct. 4th +18th, Nov 1st, 15th, 29th

    6. Amount Requested: $550

    7. Comments:  Funding $110 worth of food for 5 events

    8. Alternative sources of funding: OSDA (Office Student Development and Activities)

    9. Motions:

      1. Zoe motion full funding, Joey second, unanimous

    10. Amount Awarded: $550

  6. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: Independant

    2. School: Mannes

    3. SLI recognized: -

    4. Event Name: Independant Orchestra Project ~ Official name TBD based upon repertoire

    5. Event Date: Oct 14th- rehearsals every Sunday (save 29th), concert Nov 11th

    6. Amount Requested: $2,295

    7. Comments:  Buying music then donating to the library/ making accessible for student use, buying lunches as payment for student musicians

    8. Alternative sources of funding: -

    9. Motions:

      1. Maftuna motion full funding, Marios second, unanimous yes

    10. Amount Awarded: $2,295

  7. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: NSSR- Philosophy

    2. School: NSSR

    3. SLI recognized: -

    4. Event Name: NYC Wittegenstein Workshop

    5. Event Date: Oct. 19th, Nov. 16th, Feb. 8th, March 8th, April 12th

    6. Amount Requested: $500

    7. Comments:  An open workshop format- students from many schools may attend

    8. Alternative sources of funding: Philosophy Forum

    9. Motions:

      1. Marios motion for full funding, Maftuna second- unanimous passed

    10. Amount Awarded: Full Funding- $500

  8. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: Black Student Union

    2. School: -

    3. SLI recognized: Black Student Union

    4. Event Name: Fall Excursions- Amateur Night at Apollo, “Soul of a Nation” Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum,

    5. Event Date: Oct. 10th, End of October

    6. Amount Requested: $900

    7. Comments: Funding requested for tickets to both events with a 30 person cap. Black Youth Project 100, Black Academia Directory, Solidarity Soldiers also projects that may be requested later.

    8. Alternative sources of funding: - (CSJ Funding other initiatives such as Metroswiping)

    9. Motions:

      1. Marios full funding, Deja second, unanimous

    10. Amount Awarded: $900

  9. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: La Xente

    2. School: -

    3. SLI recognized: La Xente

    4. Event Name: Initiatives- Dia De Los Muertos alters, Una Noche Buena, Sentades en silencio

    5. Event Date: DDLM: 3 days to setup, informative workshops, celebrate, etc, UNB: Dec 15th/DDLM-takedown, SES: Oct. 27th -Nov 2nd

    6. Amount Requested: $4,900


    8. Alternative sources of funding: -

    9. Motions:

      1. Nina motion full funding, Zoe second, unanimous

    10. Amount Awarded: $4,900

  10. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: 13th and Broadway

    2. School: Mannes

    3. SLI recognized: -

    4. Event Name: Musical Theatre Score Reading Sessions

    5. Event Date: Reading through music scores throughout the year with full orchestrations

    6. Amount Requested: $2,550

    7. Comments:  Print Credit mostly but supposed to make books accessible to the school after their initial use


    1. Alternative sources of funding: -

    2. Motions:

      1. Lex motion to ask about access to books before funding

      2. Ahad motion for 2,000 saying they can come back if they need more and contingent upon making the books accessible to the school, Alexis second motion, unanimous

    3. Amount Awarded: $2,000

  1. Presenter:

    1. Associated Organization: SLI

    2. School: -

    3. SLI recognized: Previously known as the South Asian Organization

    4. Event Name: Bollywood Night

    5. Event Date: Sept. 21st

    6. Amount Requested: $2,100

    7. Comments: Budget includes food, alcohol, henna and decor but Senate does not fund alcohol

    8. Alternative sources of funding: SLI

    9. Motions:

      1. Ahad motion $1,650 (everything w/o alcohol), Marios second, unanimous passing

    10. Amount Awarded: $1,650


Notes from the end of the meeting that will be added to next week’s agenda and discussed:


-           Abandoning the rest of the agenda for next week, Sept. 21st.

-           Note from Nina: Have students go to George for rooms before they even come to USS for funding

-           Student research fund- voting for this year next meeting, Sept 21st. Fund app opens 20th, deadline Oct. 15. Provost office promoting but USS should as well. 3 workshops P.O. will explain how the fund works, Ahad will be at one workshop but recommends other senators show up.

-           Nina money about CSJ vs. Mental health vs. Work study pay discuss next week

-           Ahad will bring residents to funding meeting 12th Oct.



Katie- Undergrad board of trustees position, support for unionizing SHS workers, supporting caf workers-autonomy of USS- don’t get sent out- admin pet- Katie annual report,

September 7, 2018

Friday, September 7th 2018


Present Senators: Lex,Maftuna, Nina, Ahad, Mario, Zoe, (Joey at 6:15p), Katie, Didi, Deja, Alexis, Jonathan, Frank (arrived at 6:18p)

Visitors: Jackson

Absent: N/A

Meeting started: 6:09pm

Meeting adjourned: 7:30pm


Meeting Minutes


1)    Welcome Back

a)    Senators introduced themselves

2)    Website and Alexis collecting bios

a)    Those who have not send out their bios, they should do so. (Deja, Joey, Jonathan)

b)    Alexis talking about increasing visibility. Using more social media.

c)    Alexis and Mario working on the official USS website

d)    Alexis registering the USS to the Narwhal Nation

3)    Seats in the Senate

a)    We should go back to find the person elected before

b)    We should hold a special election for the empty seats.

4)    Survey

a)    Lex proposing the idea of sending out a survey, so as to see people’s experience. (School specific or University wide?)

b)    Deja proposed the idea of creating a survey on, similar to the course evaluations notifications.

c)    Lex proposed a small subcommittee (Joey, Didi, Deja, Alexis, Lex, Maftuna)

5)    Initiatives for Next Semester

a)    The agenda will be open from today till Tuesday.

6)    Advisory Board

a)    Food Advisory Board (Frank,Katie, Joey, Maftuna)

b)    Honorary Degree (Didi, Deja, Mario, Lex)

7)    Fall Conference

a)    Washington Leadership Confer(Lex, Frank, Katie, Didi, Alexis, Joey, Maftuna, Zoe)

b)     Nina’s women conference 26th-28th of October (Deja, Nina, Didi maybe, Katie maybe, Maftuna, Maybe)

8)    Funding Committee

a)    Brainstorming on how to structure the committee

b)    Deja presented ideas

c)    Skepticism on the idea of the committee

d)    Breakdown of the meeting minutes, creating a budget representing money allocation for fiscal year 2017-2018



1.     Jackson came in after he attended the orientation


General USS Reports

1.     Nina reporting on her upcoming absence (probably excusing that absence, as she will be representing the senate)

2.     Nina reporting her appointment as a Vice President Leading Women of Tomorrow