Funding Rules and Guidelines


  1. Before a proposal will be seen by the USS, we will require on-site coordinators to sign the On-Site Coordinator Agreement check list outlining University policies and expectations around serving in this role, along with commitment that they will serve as on-site coordinator with the funding application. 

  2. Fill out the Narwhal Nation Procurement Form, create a slideshow or presentation, and articulate a highly itemized budget. Proposals missing any of these elements will not be accepted. Please use the examples documents and guidelines below as a reference to make any necessary adjustments.

  3. Once you have submitted the Narwhal Nation Procurement Form, email your presentation and highly itemized budget to with your event date and the date of the meeting you would like to present at. Kindly note that we do not accept proposals sent to us after the 7 day deadline until our next funding meeting.

  4. The USS will confirm your proposal date and your presentation number. Please be at the announced funding meeting location in the University Center no later than 2:55pm. 

  5. Each individual or group will present and the USS will deliberate on all proposals afterwards. If you choose to stay for the deliberation, we will deliberate on your proposal first so that you may hear the decision. If you cannot stay, we will email you the decision before Monday morning. 

  6. Funded individuals and groups must complete the Executive Summary Form. The Executive Summary is expected within 3 weeks of the completion of your event. Failure to provide the Executive Summary to the USS will result in being barred from applying for USS Funding to you and your affiliated organization, if applicable, for the current semester as well as the following semester, beginning the date of your event.


  1. Proposals are on a first come first serve basis. Those who are first to email their three documents will be added to the agenda. 

  2. Presentations are maximum of four minutes with one minute of questions from Senators.

  3. Only proposals that follow the guidelines listed above are eligible to be presented to the USS at funding meetings. Please make sure to read this page thoroughly and contact your USS representatives if you have any questions. You may find a list of all the representatives here.

  4. For further reading on USS funding rules, guidelines, and procurement processing, please see this document.

*Note: Funding Guidelines have been updated as of September 2019. Please review carefully.