Fellow Students,

Please join us in congratulating your newly elected Senators for the Fall 2016 Semester!

Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts:

  1. Serengeti Aliya Timungwa
Serengeti Timungwa

Serengeti Timungwa

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: "I've been a Senator for Lang for the Fall 2015 Semester and this current Spring 2016 Semester. I've regularly attended meetings for both my terms and enjoy serving the student body. As a Senator, it's been my duty to responsibly fund student-led initiatives, resulting in allocating a budget of over $120,000. It's also my responsibility to stay in tune with the concerns of the student body and find ways to solve those issues. As a Lang Senator, I am committed to social justice and civic-engagement, and I would like to develop more programs on campus to address that. I have great experience when it comes to civic-engagement in New York City, having held multiple workshops city-wide on ways to get more engaged in the political process, and having registered more than 9,000 New Yorkers so far, from all backgrounds and ages, including New School students. I think it is important to have a diverse group of student representatives and as a French, African and American woman, I try to bring also bring my perspectives to the Senate, hoping that it can help address some of the issues students face and hope that I can keep doing so!"
  • INITIATIVES: "I will continue to work on the USS Meal Share. I will also continue working on the Food and Housing Insecurity working group to tackle the issues of food and housing on campus. I will also continue to work on the resolutions that I have brought forth and will assist Senators in their initiatives as well. I have also been nominated to be the next Undergraduate Student Trustee and I look forward to bringing students' voices in the decision making process. Finally, I hope to reinforce civic-engagement at The New School through registering even more students to vote before the General elections. On my own, I was able to register more than 65 students for the New York primaries but I hope to streamline that with Senate efforts. I have written two resolutions so far, the first one is to increase departmental funding for students to travel to academic conferences that support their academic endeavors, especially when those students' work have been chosen to be presented at aforementioned conferences. The second resolution is for"
  • ACTION PLAN: "For one of my resolutions I will need to gather together a lot of data, but I am willing to commit time to that because this is a resolution that will truly support graduating students completing their thesis. I also think that in general The New School could do a better job at supporting its talented students and I am willing to champion for more support of students' work. I would like to do more tabling in my college's building to get more input on different issues and ideas because I find that other channels to reach students aren't always the best."
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Serengeti has previously attended more than 15 University Student Senate Meetings and is currently serving as the Co-Chair of the Student Senate".

2. Isabel Naturman

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: "As a transfer to Lang, I was deliberate in choosing it for its qualities such as its faculty-student relationships, seminar-style classes, and social justice mission; as a representative, I can work to preserve and expand these and its other amazing qualities. I feel like I also have a more objective eye coming in as a junior, and can see where Lang or the New School sometimes falls short of expectations. I will pursue the opinion of the student body, be receptive to their desires, and work to improve on these areas."
  • INITIATIVES: "Endlessly inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders, something I'm very interested in and concerned with is economic inequality. Though education stands to be the great equalizer, some New School students are given certain advantages because of their economic status. One initiative I would like to bring is to address the issue of students being unable to register until their tuition is entirely paid - disadvantaging students who are a part of the monthly paying option. Another initiative I have is inspired by The Corp at Georgetown University; to establish or takeover an existing vendor on campus and make it a non-profit that is run by students, employs students, with the profits going towards scholarships or things like computers for lower-income students."
  • ACTION PLAN: "In addressing the registration issue, I have different ideas in how to approach it - one way is dealing with Student Financial Services directly, using student-signed petitions, and finding a way to repeal or edit the decision; another way is facilitating communication between students and professors, who have the ability to reserve a certain amount of seats in their classes, which could be given to lower-income students who otherwise would have been able to register at an earlier time. For the student-run non-profit, successful existing models exist from schools like Harvard and Georgetown, so it would be a matter of garnering student opinion on the specifics such as the type of shop, and assembling a board willing to commit themselves to establishing it. "
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Isabel has previously attended 1 to 5 University Student Senate meetings. 

The New School for Social Research 

1. Justin Petrillo

Justin Petrillo

Justin Petrillo

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: "I have built a web platform ( beta-code:911) to enable new school students & faculty to communicate internally about their issues and exchange knowledge in deliberation, as well as share their critiques publicly and engage in the wider knowledge economy.  It is open for use in beta.  I represent the goals of the student for more equitable distribution of university resources and the goals of the administration to spread the New School across the world to grow its brand & resources.  This allows me to dialogue politically between the needs of students and administration to actualize our goals within an otherwise capitalist & regulated environment. "
  • INITIATIVES: "Information Systems for Communication Inside & Outside the New School:  / We can use Mimely to discuss & resolve issues between students, faculty, and administrators, but also connect our struggles and our political stances with the wider public instead of merely fighting internally, which is preventing our larger impact in global revolutions.  I am going to build another information system when this isn't enough for us to proceed democratically, speaking issues, proposing solutions, deliberating, and voting on resolutions online for easy access and participation by the entire University. "
  • ACTION PLAN:  "We will start using the democratic dialectical systems already build and from student input i'm going to build a new system with feedback from the needs of student participation. / Ultimately, I want to focus university resources on the students we already have yet help the university grow in global appeal."
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Justin has not previously attended a University Student Senate Meeting. 

Parsons School of Design:

1. Rhea Gill

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: "Being a daughter of a caption in the merchant navy I have had the opportunity to travel and stay in different parts of the world; ranging from india, London and the Middle East. This gave me an opportunity to take a dip in the diverse cultures of the world giving me the ability to look at situations in different perspectives. Apart from from this I have been an active participant in the field of model united nations as both a delegate and a chair of multiple committees. Along side, I also have had the opportunity to be the president of my high school student senate allowing me to gain the capability of leadership. I am both approachable, friendly and understanding towards people opinions."
  • INITIATIVES: "As a student I believe that there is a certain expectation of experiencing a college life. The New School being in New York city doesn't allow the students to give the same atmosphere as what a collage with a campus would give. My initiative would be to make the students more engaged with the school and being the student life in a city almost cohesive to a life in an actual campus."
  • ACTION PLAN: "I hope on planing events that are more likable towards students. With my ability to understand multiple cultures and people behavior I am able to come up with unique situations to engage students with the school. Having arranged large scale events in my high school I believe that I can initiate good strategies to have a more engaging student and school relationship."
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Rhea has not previously attended a University Student Senate Meeting. 

2. Larisa Karamchakova

Larisa Karamchakova

Larisa Karamchakova

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: " can bring an international student experience to the table. As a student in Urban Design and Architecture with a personal interest in photography and a degree as a classical pianist, and a degree in Rissian Law I understand challenges of many students at the New School."
  • INITIATIVES: "I think that school needs a stronger feeling of community and greater support for international students. I also believe we should create more collaborative opportunities between schools and majors."
  • ACTION PLAN: "Work with the senate to reach out various student populations to facilitate a sense of community and more comfortable opportunities."
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Larisa has not previously attended a University Student Senate Meeting. 

3. Kiera Junghyun Kim

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: "To me, Parsons is an opportunity to develop core understanding through practical curriculums where design and marketing can co-developed. My understanding in both of design and marketing aspects would make me better candidate to represent Parsons.  What is more important to me is networking with students with high potential. I believe students can be grow more than ever when they truly be open up their mind and absorb what inspires them. I want to be proactive to have more interactions with talents in best environment to get inspired. For this, I would use my strong networking skills as well as imparting what I have learned from the design and business fields."
  •  INITIATIVES: "No initiative"
  • ACTION PLAN: "There are a few steps I would like to take action if I get a chance to execute for better condition for students.  First, I would gather students in different department and hold workshop/seminar for interactional education on regular base. Second, I would build an organization for startups. I have noticed there are so many talented students in this universities who are in need partners, team members to make their goals to be executed. However, there is no organization to gather these talented students togther. This business driven organization is for students to interact with other students who look for students to work with for further execution in their projects. Third, I would partner with Cardozo Law School in terms of fashion law related seminars for Parsons School of Design. There always has been students/alumni who want to start/ started their own businesses, and they often seek legal counsel to protect business idea. Such partnership will benefit them."
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Kiera has previously  attended from 1 to 5 University Student Senate Meetings 


Schools of Public Engagement

1. Beth Windsor

Beth Windsor

Beth Windsor

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: "I have been a student at New School since 2005.  I have developed and run a successful business in Manhattan, raised a child who will be 16 in July, and have been engaged in various social/humanitarian/political/environmental issues for many years.  I am a Senior; I have only 8 credits left and I will graduate in the Spring of 2017 (finally)!  During my time at New School, I have worked with students in groups, studied in many different areas, and I developed a counter-argument to a proposal initiated by Governor Cuomo regarding hiring high school students.  I argued that the project would not be successful in NYC.  I interviewed Dr. Van Zandt who helped me with both theory and evidence."

  • INITIATIVES: "Student Representation on the Board of Trustees.  There is often a lack of understanding regarding having a working relationship with a Board.  Students either do not understand they have a voice on this issue, or they do not care enough to engage. / How does one make this subject attractive?  I would like to explore ways in which to bring student involvement to the board room. / Maybe by taking it out of the boardroom.
  • ACTION PLAN: "First, I would attend a board meeting just to listen to how issues are approached within its members.  Then, I would ask the board what it would like to have occur regarding student involvement.  There ought to be ways to present options to interested students that are not polarizing--not necessarily apolitical, but within the frame of the whole."
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Beth has previously attended 1 to 5 University Student Senate meetings. 

2. Yaro Fong-Olivares

Yaro Fong-Olivares

Yaro Fong-Olivares

  • CAMPAIGN PLATFORM: "I am thoughtful, caring and deeply committed to improving systems to ensure optimal effectiveness and inclusion of all individuals.  I believe this combination of personal traits, my systems approach to change and my ability to collaborate and innovate with others makes me an ideal candidate for the senator role.  In the past I have worked in a variety of settings, and always succeed and facilitating collaboration and inclusion for all voices, regardless of personality and background.  I hope to bring this energy and enthusiasm for big and bold changes to the University Student Senate."
  • INITATIVES: "Some of the initiatives I would like to bring to University Student Senate are: increased opportunities for clubs to collaborate with USS in a more equitable way, more professional development for all senators in order to improve process and ensure personal growth, an institutional practice around checking how "WE" as the senate are working together, shaping our culture, and managing our image as a whole within The New School.  Finally, I would like to implement more ways to attract more diversity to USS, including folks who are differently able."
  • ACTION PLAN: "I will start by learning what initiatives are already in the works, learning from current senators how I may be helpful and/or how some of my initiatives may complement theirs.  I would then start drafting, researching and engaging partners both within USS and The New School in support of my initiatives."
  • PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT WITH THE STUDENT SENATE: Yaro has previously attended 1 to 5 University Student Senate meetings. 

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