Lang Students, 

The University Student Senate asks all Lang Students to exercise their rights and vote for their Representative. The Student Senator will be your liaison between the student body, the greater university, faculty, administration and the Board of Trustees. They will also participate and develop USS initiatives and build USS committees, all of which every student is encouraged to participate in. Any questions, please feel free to email, or attend one of our meetings.

Below you may read each candidate's campaign platform. Only Lang students may submit their vote through the Special Election Voting Form.

Voting will end on Saturday, February 28t at 8:00 p.m.

We look forward to the new addition to the University Student Senate! 
My name is Sarah Barlondo; I am a dual-degree student at The New School pursuing a BA in Politics at Lang and Architecture degree at Parsons.  So far at The New School, I served as a student representative for the Disability Advisory Committee, acting as a liaison for the New School Disabled community and the Student Disability Services. I will continue my involvement with this group and with three other students I am the founder of the first Disability Student Support group at The New School for the Disabled community and their allies who, so far, had no student-run organization at our University. I am also a volunteer for the Student Activities Financial Committee, where I approve budget for students’ activities and help the students improve their proposals for future funding requests. I speak fluent French, Spanish and English. I am currently learning Japanese, Mandarin and Portuguese. I want to give a voice to every one of you!  
If you elect me, I will make sure to raise and address your concerns to the Student Senate. I will help you reach members from other divisions in order to share your projects, proposals, and find the right person for funding your activities, events and projects. I will always keep you informed of the Student Senate activities; be sure that my involvement with the Student Senate will remain consistent. With my knowledge and studies in Politics and languages, I can assure you that your voice will be heard. Please spread the word, like, share, comment: if you have any questions, feel free to email me at 
Thank you for the support!


For many of us at The New School, getting through our education isn't nearly as difficult as getting to it. I'm talking about the cost of transportation to and from our campus. While moving off campus is a luxury for some, it is an absolute necessity for others. Given the exorbitant costs of both student and private housing around The New School campus, living within a reasonable walking distance of our school has become unreasonable if not entirely impossible. As a result, commuting students are heavily reliant on public transportation – a service which, in spite of the name, is becoming increasingly unaffordable to the public. With the City of New York and the MTA refusing to provide a subsidy for college students, we are particularly vulnerable to these rising costs. At this point, our only hope is to turn to our university for assistance.
As a member of the University Student Senate, I would support a comprehensive plan to create a transportation subsidy program for low- and middle-income commuter students at The New School. I may be a Politics major, but I am not here to play politics. I am here to fight for changes that could only strengthen our community and keep our institution committed to its legacy of openness and accessibility. The cost of living –especially transportation – should not be a barrier to entry to any educational institution.
I alone cannot promise results. This will be an uphill battle for us. But I can promise you that I will work tirelessly for changes that will benefit us all by mobilizing our community and representing it in the most inclusive and effective way possible.
I am no stranger to working constructively with students and representing The New School. As an admissions worker and tour guide for Eugene Lang College, I have the pleasure of showing prospective and incoming students what a wonderful community we have and how it has positively shaped me over the past two years. When the financial questions arise, however, it pains me to tell them how much it costs to survive as a student in New York City. By alleviating the cost of transportation, we can change this grim reality.
Contrary to this statement, I am not a single-issue candidate. The issue of affordable student transportation is simply a great place to begin as it affects students in every division of The New School. I don't just want to be your representative on this matter. I want to bring your voices into every conversation about the future of our extraordinary and dynamic university.

I believe that I am the best candidate for representing the student population because of my ability to interact with people of different cultural and economic backgrounds as well as my interest in submerging myself into vastly different genres of art, expressive styles of clothing, happenings and music. 
I find that being able to build relationships with people from all aspects of life helps foster a level of understanding of how a specific group would benefit from certain projects or events. Also, having learned from various genres of interest, these fields have given me the insight to truly think outside the box in order to solve social issues in a progressive yet creative outlook.
The reason why I want to further my involvement at the New School is because I believe my ideas for social projects, background in aiding individuals/groups with showcasing original programs or projects. The prospect of strengthening my relationship within my community is extremely important to me because I would like to be involved personally in meeting and discussing with the New School population in solving environmental, economical, gender and racial relations both inside the university's walls as well as affecting our daily lives. 
I have gained much experience in dealing with fund raising, social media platforms and when I worked in France as a international organizer for the students at the University of Caen, France. I also have experience in various forms of writing being part of the Riggio Honors Writing program.  Throughout my academic career, I have been involved in various student clubs focusing on environmental action and religious and secular inclusion. I believe these skills will further complement my duties as a representative of the student population at the New School if accepted as a candidate.


Anyone who knows me, knows how social I am and that leadership has always been a natural characteristic of mine. I am passionate about the new school and I feel that my love for this school, community, and city would really make me a great candidate for this position. As a gay, gender queer student I think that I would bring necessary diversity to the student senate and my own experiences would help to expand our impact on campus. I love listening to people and I love finding ways to give them what they desire and I absolutely have the courage, confidence, and zeal to help implement changes that would best reflect our student body. 

I personally believe that I would be the best candidate for representing my fellow students at the New School because, one community that I am apart of is Scientista. Scientista is an organization which aims to bring together both men and women studying Science and Math. The New School is widely recognized as a liberal arts school and the science program is not necessarily well-known. However, this is a program that I hope will one day become something even bigger. By actively attending different science related talks and workshops, every student within the Interdisciplinary science major and every other major have the opportunity to explore different fields within the science and math world. Personally, I find Scientista to be a great community, one that I am apart of because by being involved in this program, I was able to meet so many different students from across the nation who either study science or just enjoy learning more about it. However; although science is something I personally love, I believe that students within all majors would enjoy taking all different types of classes and enjoy everything the New School has to offer. As current Treasurer of Hall Council and former President of various clubs such as World of Difference, The Power of Ten Cents and Midnight Run, I personally believe that I would do my very best to be a strong leader and represent my fellow classmates to the best of my ability.

I first became interested in Student Senate after reporting and writing on a piece about board representation for The Free Press in the fall semester of 2013. Since then, I have tried to remain active and involved with classes and school events about economic and social issues through political discourse. I am a literature major with a minor in capitalism studies, an area that focuses on the history and anthropology of capitalism, and the inequality it has bred. This focus on inequality is very relevant to current issues at The New School. 
What first drew me to The New School was its history of political leftism and their social vision of an academic institution. That included being a safe space for intellectuals threatened by European fascism, and following a tradition of philosophy that has always fought against traditional power structures. Social justice is The New School’s driving history, and it should be its future. Yet with the topic justice, the question of who the school is serving is skewed, with board members not answering students’ needs; a topic that calls to justice and social activism. The USS has made sure to establish its aim of representation and transparency in the board, and I would like to be part of that effort. 
I have been part of two fellowships at The New School and the most important thing I have taken away from both experiences is the necessity of engaging students and having an open dialogue. In the case of representation, it is about letting know why students should care, and being persistent in our pursuit of democratic equality. The New School has an interesting and diverse group of students, and while most are interested in this question of justice, most are not actively involved. It’s about capturing that interest until our voices as a student body are too loud to be ignored. This happens through events, emails, newsletters, and social media. Utilizing faculty and joining forces through panels and student run panels is also necessary.
Overall, I care about the future of The New School, and want to be part of a group of students that succeed in making it a better place.   


The University Student Senate