University Student Senate

Dear fellow students,

It is our pleasure to inform you that the 2015 University Student Senate elections have concluded. We thank all 52 candidates for their political engagement and all voters for their participation! This year’s voter turnout doubled since last year to 10%.

The Election Committee is pleased to announce the new USS senators:

Victoria Pike

Nicolás Quaid Galván

Jovan Bursac

Patrick Gallen
Petra Zarah Jarrar
Serengeti Aliya Timungwa

Public Engagement
Dafne Regenhardt
Simon Henschel
Wanja Ochwada

Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven
Mariko Siegert

Jessie Contour
Logan Wolf Reidel
Lucy Bonner
Maggie Cavaliere
Rosalind Paradis

*Please note that the three divisions are now merged as the “College of Performing Arts” Division.

Elections this semester have been a wake up call for the USS. There were problems with the ballots and voting protocol that we intend to rectify for future elections by recruiting a third-party to manage the polls. However, the Election Committee has weighed and investigated the incidents this term against hundreds of legitimate votes, and we believe that the results are valid.

The Election Committee has drafted a full report, including recommendations for future elections. Any interested students may contact us at for more information.

The Election Committee has recommended a special election for the College of Performing Arts at the start of the fall semester and planned for the next general election call for candidates in mid November. For more details please see here.

The USS Election Committee is comprised of three USS senators who were not candidates in this election: Bryce Geyer, Ka Mok, and Mili Ferrer.

Congratulations to the new USS senators!