University Wide Email: September Newsletter

University Student Senate

The University Student Senate (USS) is happy to introduce the 2014-2015 senators! Please find photos and the email addresses of your senators attached to this email so that you may recognize them on campus. Feel free to talk to us or send us an email, as we are always open to hearing from you!

University Student Senators:

  • Drama: Jak Watson
  • Jazz: Nico Galván (Co-Chair)
  • Lang: Patrick Gallen, Prince Lang, Storm Hurwitz (Co-Chair)
  • NSPE: Tyler Bird, Mili Ferrer, Johnny Leonard
  • NSSR: Bryce Geyer (Co-Chair), Mohammad Mahad
  • Mannes: Jovan Bursac
  • Parsons: Anara Askar (Secretary), Joy Douglas (Media Coordinator), Ka Mok (Communications Director), Ritika Shah, Joseph Kushibab (Media Coordinator).

Two of our larger initiatives this academic year are to gain student representation on the Board of Trustees  and to represent you to the best of our abilities through continuous outreach, which we call our Campaign of Inclusion—we want you to be included in every step of the decision making process.

Board of Trustees:
We continued our campaign for Student Trusteeship in September by having a dinner reception with the President and many members of both the administration and Board of Trustees. Communication has begun, and we are in the process of scheduling another meeting with the members of the Board of Trustees.

To get involved in this campaign, join the USS this Monday, October 6, at 8:00 a.m. in the University Center, room 304, to help draft the proposal we will present to members of the Board of Trustees. Because of the extreme importance of this issue, we especially want to hear from you! If you feel passionate about this issue and cannot attend the meeting, please email us or reach out to us on our Facebook page.

Campaign of Inclusion:
We are reaching out to the student body, so be on the lookout for posters around your school, senators tabling in the lobbies, and an email message inviting you to the Dinner with Your Senator(s) event. This is a chance for you to dine (free) and chat with your senators. We want you to know who we are so that we can work to address any concerns that you may have. Also, remember you are welcome to attend all USS meetings. You can find our meeting schedule on our website, on the New School’s Events Calendar or through our Facebook page. You are also welcome to participate in any of our initiative committees, or to propose a committee to the USS! 

In addition to our efforts to connect directly with students, we are also reaching out to divisional and departmental student governments. We believe that each division needs a direct form of representation, so if you do not have an existing student government, you may be eligible to receive $275 in start-up funding from the USS by contacting us at Existing student governments are also more than welcome to email us or come to our meetings so that we may better support your efforts.

We look forward to seeing you this Monday, at future meetings, and at the Dinner with Your Senator(s) event.

All our very best,

University Student Senate (USS)