Communications Minutes

September 24, 2019

Meeting Information:

  • Present: Anna, Claire, Emma, Gus, Lexi, Lulu, Sharon

  • Meeting began: 3:40 pm

  • Meeting adjourned: 5:10 pm


  1. Elections

    1. Updates of who applied/divvy up responsibilities (below)

  2. Social Media Strategy

    1. Show possible strategies/posts Lulu and Sharon found

    2. Set schedule and divvy up responsibilities

  3. ADMIN

    1. Emails to send out

    2. Make official document to email w “minutes” instructions

    3. ANNA - furniture update

    4. Draft email timeline with Rachel~~

    5. Updates with Centennial work if any. 

  4. Website

    1. Divide up responsibilities. Who controls which page, etc. 

  5. Other committees

    1. Structuring minutes/updating funds for all. 

1. Special Election To-Do:

  • Divvy up responsibilities for tasks:

    • Updating candidate bios (friday)

    • Tabling for elections- all non-directors will do a few hours

    • Instagram content- Sharon and Lulu

    • Instagram posting schedule- Lulu/Sharon

    • Emails- Lexi

  • Make sure narwhal nation page is set up by george- Lexi will meet

    • Do this by emailing him all the candidates info upon submission

2.Social Media Planning:

  • Instagram account management

  • Update on facebook/twitter password (share password w all?)

    • Motion to archive/deactivate Facebook. 6 in favor, 0 sustain, 0 against. 

  • Set social strategy

    • eg. Themes for instagram, vibes, aesthetics etc

    • Potential template for meet your senator? - tabled for October

    • Paste topic on photo (so viewers can see idea before clicking)

      • Have practical advice about the school/tips in addition to updates/initiatives from the senate!!  (Refer to insta group chat) 

  • APPS:

    • UNFOLD: templates

    • UNUM/PLANOLY/LATER: for posting schedule/planning captions- later

    • LIGHTROOM: for aesthetic purposes~


    • BOF (business of fashion). Not senate related, however, they compact updates/news stories efficiently with great quotes as posts :-) 

    • NYTIMES (new york times). ‘Highlights’ visual storytelling - can be great for highlighting elements of the USS (i.e. FAQs) with similar font styling

    • posts short quotes for inspiration in a simple color scheme

    • Parsonsconfessions.(!) Maybe not for inspo, but maybe it would be cool to bounce off of their feed. (repost one of the complaints and our actions to address it, especially the student involvement and advocacy ones 

      • UC joke = “Come meet us in the spaceship, we’ll be tabling for Special Elections!”

3.ADMIN: Emails to send out:

*folder on USS google drive under “branding/communications/emails”

  • Special election emails- Lexi drafted

  • One to candidates about campaigning period (Friday 9/27)

  • Whole school- voting open (Tuesday Oct 1)

  • One to candidates- results (Thursday oct 3)

  • Whole school- results (Friday oct 4)

  • To senators- Lexi/Lulu will send out

    • Minutes templates/office hours sign up

  • Draft email timeline with Rachel - Lexi and Lulu will try to meet asap this week. Will also discuss Night of Philosophy merch

  • Updates with Centennial work if any. (Rachel, Ashley, Hanna) 

    • Has Katie sent an email about it? - email sent; people working this week

Interior Updates (anna we’re excited):

  • Met with furniture designer, budget accepted. Checking furnishings with facilities and their managers for installation. 6-8 time progression

4.Website Updates:

  • Update meeting dates and times for the committee’s next meeting- Team will do this week

5.Need from other committees:

  • Email sample minutes upon approval from Claire/Gus- will show at the general meeting

    • From an informal meeting with Claire, we discussed that we can expand on agendas and bullet any important deliberations, deadlines, decisions, and updates (Eg. lexi updated the website’s meeting dates)

  • Updates at the next meeting/each committee- time requested at the next general meeting

    • Things that just got funded, initiatives planning and events happening for them

    • Posters (if available) to put on website under “Funded by USS” -done: Lexi