Communications Minutes

September 13, 2019

Meeting Information:

  • Present: Anna, Lexi, Lulu, Sharon

  • Meeting began: 3:30 pm

  • Meeting adjourned: 5:15 pm

What we need to update on the website:

  • Senator profiles

    • Put up new ones + give old senators the opportunity to update their old ones (after comms slows down for a minute)

      • Lexi and Sharon will update and email out info to senators as needed

  • 2019 events we’ve funded

    • Would be nice if these linked to their social page on narwhal nation so they are also getting traction through us

    • Would get this information from the drive and link/other info to include through their funding proposal

  • How to use elections work section for special election dates

    • Need updates forms from Claire/Gus, but then Lexi will put in

  • New meeting dates/times

    • Committee Chairs will have to send to USS email. Comm directors need to check after the committee’s held meeting and update accordingly (as committee chairs are supposed to email next meeting dates same day after/in their current meeting

  • Breakdown of the committees and what they do

  • Constitution

    • Claire and Gus will send to us after making the necessary adjustments from training

  • Old minutes

    • Need to also format in the funding meeting style (shared by Gus on the drive)

      • Update: Gus shared documents. Unanimous decision not to hold off on uploading funding minutes from 2019 that need reformatting until election stuff is over

  • Funding guidelines

    • Megan emailed- Lexi and Lulu will update after confirming with Claire/Gus

To do for the election:

  • A university-wide email that special election is being held (Monday)

    • Lexi will draft and send to Lulu to look over before contacting Rachel on Monday

  • Social posts

    • Lulu will post until the next meeting, where we will discuss social strategy and potentially divvy up responsibilities between social platforms

Social platform goals:

  • Universal branding across

    • Same profile picture

      • Discussed new logo for spring semester “new year, new logo”

  • Set social strategy

    • eg. Themes for Instagram, vibes, etc

What we need from other committees:

  • Contact people/policy for how to submit minutes to us from their meetings

    • Potentially asking about minutes being recorded?

      • In discussion with Claire, committee minutes will be expanding off of the agenda, documenting important deliberation, deadlines, decisions, and updates 

  • Updates at the next meeting and each

    • Things that just got funded, initiatives planning and events happening for them