11.7.19 Meeting Agenda

  1. Meet your Senator Week: photo day (moved to week of the 18th

    • Ideal time is when everyone can meet!! Various days will be designated for specific schools- though members from school will decide and we should have all dates still by the end of this week!!

      • Lang- in the Event Cafe maybe on that Friday. Email out everybody for Claire’s scheduling asap- email today!. 

      • SPE- outside of the library (coffee + tea)

      • Parsons- most likely lobby 

      • No more than $100- contact. Claire has to buy the card

      • Joey: Susan Austin (Parsons Dean of Students)--> Find scheduling time. 

      • Joey: Subcommittee for Parsons School of Constructed Environments (SCE) Engagement, (Joey, Lexi, Sharon)

        • Possibly table outside? Or street seats (serve Hot chocolate/apple cider)

        • Posters? (To finalize on Monday 11/11 meeting at 3 PM)

    • Tasks for what to get up/out for branding/social:

      • Mass email (also including ‘results’ (not ‘report’) from assessment)- email to go out next week- lexi

        • Mention will share USS Town Hall Results (at MYS)

        • Finish info by Tuesday (12th). Send (13th)

      • Posters

        • Design posters by Tuesday 12th (Sharon)

      • Instagram campaign (meet your senator posts?)

        • Tag new school in stories (focus on narrative-reuse website photos till photoshoot) (reuse posters)

          • **lexi send me the PS file

          • **email emma for date with question and google form**

          • (15 second video (‘senate spotlight’) - SPRING 2020)

        • Curate google form to put on instagram -  emma (deadline?)

        • Lexi- upload photos

        • possible

      • Narwhal Nation- lexi

      • Digital easel design (mini calendar of events for the week?)- lexi

  1. Meet Your Senator Week Training/Prep:

    • Gus and Claire- target date for the assessment being done is 

    • Brand this as a continuation of communication from health care town hall around the topic of the well-being of students. We use the week as a chance to update students on what the town hall did + results of presenting the survey to admin. This could be a chance for 

      1. If you didn’t feel fully heard, meet your senator

      2. what is to come up next + how to address the following:

        1. Health Insurance shit

        2. Address new Initiatives of the SAE

        3. Goals of the senate

        4. Senate FAQs

    • Printouts of the Townhall report/resources of town hall + social stuff

      1. Ex: showers/prayer room 

    • Connecting the Town Hall outcomes to Meet Your Senator week/Work with SHS and create better rapport. Tasking all senators to have more information post-town hall and offer more information regarding resources for students

      • What information needs to be given to each senator as part of “training” for interacting

      • What resources can we distribute to students this week? 

      • How can we launch our initiatives and use the time constructively for what’s to come + hearing what they need?

      • What resources we can have online/instagram to update people/provide aid or clear resource navigation students feel they are lacking

  1. Linked in photo program

    • (the following week, using photos from last week) - early dec (tabled). *cries- Lulu graduates sooooon ;(

      • Decide event details (date/time/etc)

      • Content of the event

      • Bringing in people?- can ask Rachel/other admin for contacts potentially

      • Event promotion

  2. Office Updates- Anna?- be done by Dec 2. 

  3. Joey: Facilities and Buildings Student Survey

    • Met with Vice President of TNS for Buildings, Lia Gartener (in charge of the management of facilities)

      1. Wants to create a send out a survey to the students about the facilities

      2. Late next week he will be meeting with Robert Kirkbirde (Dean, Parsons School of Constructed Environments.)

    • Overview of project goals and progress

    • Seeking Collaborator on electronic surveys - later. To update on Monday 11/11.

    • Feedback/Ideas from others. 

    • Schedule meeting with Comm members and Kirkbride*****

  4. Finals week prep- get back to sae!!!!!!!!

  5. SAE Thanksgiving event

    • Friday Nov. 22 in the evening

    • Provide food for the students

    • Turn that into the end of the Meet Your Senator

    • Potentially starr foundation/

    • By monday claire will send info, on monday at our check

  6. Lulu- social media review

    • Going to give uss all of the resources after next monday

Our next meeting is at 3 pm on Monday: We will meet for half an hour to discuss updates for Meet Your Senator Week