November 1 General Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Sadie, Covi, Peter, Emma, Yousef, Agnese, Lulu, Lexi, Kat, Gus, Claire, Daniel, Anna, Sharon

(Graduate Student Trustee) / Late: Joey (3:34 pm)

3:00: Brief introductions

3:06: ASGA & Professional Development Budget (student leadership)

  • Send people to this, report what they learned, professional development for senators. 

  • Topics addressed at this conference: being a student leader

  • Participation cost: $259 per person in NYC

  • Kat interested in attending + Anna (graduating potentially), Yousef!!!!!!!!

3:12: Grandfathering in senators

  • Chen- point of succession + training for mid-year elections. Not reelection, rather reelecting one co-chair in every semester so one co-chair stays the whole year (one stays fall-fall, one spring-spring so there is always someone there to train the next people)

  • Anna- midterm elections important for representation

  • Gus and claire- midterm elections disrupting the groove of senate practice due to winter retraining of new senators

  • Peter- consider those graduating in December and in the spring + not being considered as a senator though they did the work. Those who were senators in the fall should have their term extended for the spring to give credit for spring graduation

  • Gus- proposes a vote on grandfathering in people this year. 2) est a temp committee to talk about how this position will be dealt with in the future in regards to the Constitution

    • Claire and Gus establishing an election

    • Peter motions accept this motion for senators who were elected on the December of 2018 election will have terms will have their term extended to 2020 (Chen seconds)

      • Seconded by Chen

      • 11 in-favor, 1 abstain

3:21: More than 1 general meeting in a month

  • Anna- amendment to the strike rule maybe 5 strikes as there is more strikes

  • Covi- do 2 meetings more than extend

  • Lexi- reduction of office hours- office hours not in the senator agreement

  • Chen- agrees with the reduction of office hours. Agrees 1 meeting per month is not enough

  • Peter- a lot of meetings not in the contract with George (who wants weekly meetings)

  • Chen- signing a contract is problematic, rather an oath

  • Covi- needs to be a certain amount every week covered by someone that is biweekly. Doesn’t think the strike policy should be changed. 

  • Kat- needs to be changed. Detrimental for those who have disabilities

  • Agnese- 4 strike policy instead of 3

  • Chen- miss 50% of requirement per month starts impeachment meeting guideline- discuss this at another time

  • Gus- proposal for vote To add an extra general meeting next semester and the strike policy goes 4 strikes, 2 weeks suspension, 1 strike left

    • Peter POF- the constitution has extra strike policy and needs more than the amendments

    • No one seconds, the vote is tabled

3:33 pm: January retreat date/spring orientation

  • Smaller training before next semester starts

  • Lexi motions to do an online vote over the need to meet/google docs where people mark their availability, Peter seconds. 11 in favor, 1 abstain, the vote is passed

3:40 pm: Sanctuary working group

  • Chen motioned to move up, Gus seconds- unanimous

  • Eli (MFA in writing NSSR student, is teaching at Parsons) + Paloma (NSSR Politics grad student)

  • Opens up questions about their presentation. (Scorecard about the Grading Guidelines- compared new school to other schools with social standing. Many meetings with student success and ISS and the president, provost. The results of comparative survey doesn’t show any results from the survey. Answers are not available. Hoping USS endorsement can do for us is giving a message to the incoming president that this is a priority for the school, especially for students in exile and international students

    • Joey says that existing laws state that doing this is illegal. What universities states that this is illegal?

    • Chen- legality shouldn’t limit what we do depending on what this school does

    • Sanctuary cities work within the legal parameters of the city that they are located in. 

  • 3 things requesting are in legal regard and are fully available to students. 

  • Staff person hired is within legal limits

  • Anna’s question: if we have worked with any universities that are doing far better- yes, trying to see how grants how with success

  • Peter- hire an academic advisor + such- those services are provided. Some students already don’t have one. One should be available to all students. Police shouldn’t be called due to immigration status. What should the police not be called for? A blanket statement is vague and can hurt the victim

  • Will put her contact info

  • 3 years ago we endorsed this document.

  • Covi- What is the independence of one committee vs another

    • Gus- we need to talk about in constitution rewrite. The committee do everything they can on their own

  • Email thread, in 1 week, 24-hour vote online

3:48 pm: Survey Results + Meet Your Senator Week

  • Lexi will send out an email of dates/requirements for senators to fulfill within the next few days

  • Almost 300 people filled out the survey- a committee will get together and write an assessment before the following week

3:50 pm: Finance committee by-law proposal

  • Gus - gives context on the proposed document that helps with amending guidelines for the final vote of finance changes

    • Joey motions approve the document as-is and reassess at the end of the semester

    • Kat seconds, the vote is passed

3:55 pm: Public Forum

4:00 pm: Meet Grad Trustee

  • Meeting