10.24.19 Meeting Agenda

Attendance: Anna, Claire, Emma, Lexi, Lulu, Sharon

Time started: 3 pm / Time ended: 4:30pm

  • Healthcare Town Hall

    • Need to coordinate photos + events

      • Emma - can you take photos for events- Wednesday 10-12 pm during office hours, after the general meeting Nov 1 and 6th.l

    • Making sure we address online students / those unable to attend + their needs:

      • Ig live for comments and/or zoom conferences for online students/Paris students?

        • IG live:

        • content:

      • Form, infographic, etc on our website collecting data- survey monkey or __?

      • How can we make content/questions address proactive change, not channel frustration and rants- to gather info?

    • Digital easel ideas

      • Advertise the next meeting date and town hall link for personal feedback?

        • Lexi email Rachel to see if it works tomorrow

    • School-wide email

      • Info about location, an online link to the website about collecting digital information- email tomorrow

      • Also including other updates/shoutouts to our next meeting

    • posters/printed media- design tonight. Drop link for the survey

    • Instagram: IG poll/feedback? animation/poster? Thoughts?

      • How can we make Instagram an effective tool to communicate/aid in the process? Live for the event-  can anyone go or take photos?

      • #studentsenate #parsonsfashion #thenewschool #getpaid

      • Best time to post: 10 AM - 5 PM - 10 PM

      • Instagram collab with @parsonsconfessions @newschoolconfession:

        • Sharon messages them. 

        • TNS Take over with Parsons Confessions on health care.

        • Survey in link

  • Content ideas… / campaigns

    • From the Funding meeting on Oct 11 for clubs and orgs, can we give them shout outs for upcoming things and tag SLI?

  • Updates on the office - Anna

    • Can we use space in the office to help with health care or making us more accessible this week/meet your senator week?

  • Meet your senator: photo day (Next is November 1st) 

    • The ideal time is 2 - 5 pm. Designate days for specific schools. 

      • In the past, we’ve done Casual donuts and meetings. Do we want to expand on this? Ideas?

    • Social/internal ideas: 

      • Think about template ideas for content

      • Linked in photo program (later, using said photos) 

    • posters/online campaign:

      • What does this look like/how do we get more involved with groups and individuals in our school?

    • Connecting the Town Hall outcomes to Meet Your Senator week

      • Work with SHS and create better rapport

      • Tasking all senators to have more information post-town hall and offer more information regarding resources for students

      • *continuation of communication from health care town hall around the topic of the well-being of students. We use the week as a chance to update students on what the town hall did + results of presenting the survey to admin. This could be a chance for 

        • If you didn’t feel fully heard, meet your senator

        • PREP FOR MEET YOUR SENATOR WEEK - agenda item for the general meeting to discuss survey results, and the follow up for what is to come up next + how to address the following:

          • Healthcare shit

          • Initiatives of the SAE

          • Goals of the senate

          • Senate FAQs



  • Questions

  • Survey monkey draft

  • Design flyers


  • After prep, send a draft email for students about the town hall with link working to survey and digital easel to Rachel ASAP!

  • Print flyers and hang up - Lexi print with Claire at 7 pm

    • 8.5 x 11

    • 24 x 36

    • 11 x 17

  • Update website with the survey link, alongside social platforms

  • Design slide for the town hall- link to the website

  • Print email of the change


  • Lulu/Sharon IG live event


  • Reminder email of the survey deadline. Those unable to finish will have responses recorded, but maybe for another future date. Advertise the general meeting!! And social!!! And meet your senator week!!!

  • Email senators about photo happening at the general meeting/after or coming to emma’s office hours on Nov 6 from 10-12 (otherwise schedule with her)


  • General meeting: present stats from town hall + meet ur senator week prep

By Wednesday(ish): 

  • Cute doc for Kev and Meg :) we can share this with senators for meet ur senator week


*Design flyer with the survey (SurveyMonkey) 

  1. What is your degree program?

  2. Are you a domestic or international student?

  3. Are you a tax dependent of your parent’s insurance?

  4. Do you have your own insurance?

  5. Do you have new school insurance?

  6. Did you waive the insurance? 

  7. If yes, was your waiver rejected and did you have to appeal?

  8. Was there enough time for you to appeal? 

  9. What difficulties have you run into with healthcare? Checkpoints? 

  10. Chance in providers in the insurance - accessibility/not getting done