Date: Oct 23, 2019   Time: 8:30 pm   Location: UC 616 B

Attendance: Anna, Gus, Claire, Andreas, Covi , Kat, Joey , Yousuf (late)

Absent: Darius, Sadie

Topic 1: New Meeting Time/Communication

  • Meeting from here on out at Fridays at 3 pm during the common hour

    • Anyone with conflicts with this because of class will be excused

  • Slack Channel?

Discussion over how to maintain a group chat; some of us don’t have iPhones so the text chat isn’t doable. Anna advocates for Slack because it allows for channels. Joey raised the issue that this didn’t work last year, but Claire suggested that perhaps it might work out better this year for other things. Also, Kevin will follow up with Parsons about the issue with the common hour; we should also work on getting Parsons to understand that the common hour is necessary. 

  • Gus Proposal: meet Friday from 3 pm to 4 pm, and insert order to discuss how to involve Yousuf and Joey. 

    • Options: Either Y and J transfer to another committee for the remaining weeks OR they participate through recording and minutes. Comments will be mandatory within 24 hours. 

  • We will revisit the schedule at the end of this semester and hopefully come up with a meeting time that everyone can be present. 

  • We will trial Slack as a group chat method to see how that works over the course of the full year. 

Topic 2: Informational Literacy Event

  • Talked with Andrew Toulas

  • Wants to host an event that shows Lang students how to navigate library resources

  • Wants to do it 2 weeks before finals

Anna met with Andrew:

  1. Discussed what was up with the fees and rental laptops. They are meant to be a fine not a fee; because people would take advantage of the rental and not return them on time. It used to be cheaper. 

  2. Research at the new school - the fact that most undergrads have no idea how to actually DO research or what the resources are

  3. Andrew wants to have an event for this, to provide education to students so that they can improve their undergrad research and prepare them for grad level work

    1. Wants a flyer, will get 4-5 librarians in the Lang Cafe; has tried to get the issue dealt with through Admin but never went anywhere. 

Suggestions for the events:

  • Open to all majors

  • Separate events for different schools 

  • Look into what has the Library done in the past (they have tried to get the administration to support this or change some curriculum responsibilities) 

  • Supporting this event involving heavy advertisement, giving us the ability to show the admin what happens so that we can pass the responsibility off to the admin who SHOULD be doing it. 

  • This would be part of resource navigation 

  • The faculty can think of this as guest lecture 

Covi and Sadie 

  • reach out to Andrew (Anna will connect)

  • Anna will contact communications to make a flyer 

  • Ask Andrew the 4 librarians that best rep the school, who he wants to be there, and get back to us about that. 

Topic 3: Online Student Representation 

  • Megan asked us to discuss what having an online student senator look like

  • Any information on how other universities advocate for online students?

What if students who are online students want to be senators? 

Gus - an online student can run for their school providing they can meet the requirements. 

Covi - are accommodations (skype in, something like that) acceptable for committee meetings whatnot? They will still have to meet in-person requirements, however. Can we get a way that whatever location of our meetings has this accessibility?  

Be specific in our verbiage that this dispensation is only for online folks. 

3. Anna - why is this our decision? 

Covi - it is an interesting question as to how many full-time students there are as also online? It would be worth understanding this piece, and what kind of involvement would they have/need? 

Claire - maybe their fee should be returned? 

Joey - does the stuff that 

Gus - still think that they should be able to run, but at the same time they can reach out to the folks 

Kat - suggestion of Volunteer to present 

Joey - task force? See how other universities represent online students. 

Kat - I’ll do it. 

Topic 4: Healthcare Town Hall

  • PLEASE REMEMBER: the town hall is an event where we are being asked to listen to the voices of students, and to not cause any further tension between the admin and the students.

  • Logistics (Who is attending?)

Gus - discusses issues of the town hall as a place where we ask pre-chosen questions about their experience. We’ll record these responses so that the administration has something tangible to look at. They want to know what are the common problems that students have - something similar to the campus climate survey. We will also have a page for students to input their experiences. 

Claire - the Free Press will be at the event and recording in some form. 

Andreas - is concerned about the fact that it might be recorded and that people’s identities need to be protected. There are a lot of students, especially international students (who may have a visa or other issues of immigration), who are angry and may say things that the administration doesn’t like.  

Anna - we need to maintain our chill so that we can maintain respect with the administration. But all this needs explicit statements. 

Claire - agreement; honestly if it gets violent then the USS reps need to leave.  

Gus - clarification that it should be a verbal recording that is meant specifically for recording data in the text. It is not to give to the administration. 

Covi - make sure that this is clear but note that anonymously the comments may be transmitted to the administration. 

Claire - detailed the logistics of explaining the recording to the attendees, but say if you prefer you can fill something out online. 

Kat - online portal needs to be set up beforehand 

Topic 5: Paul’s Scholarship

Updates: Katie has stepped down from her position as a Senator but will reporting to Anna and still working with Food Security. She will be transferring to the scholarship stuff to someone else. 

Topic 6: Endorsement of Sanctuary Working Group

  • Need to come to an agreement on this

  • Anna will write something up on SAE’s position/why we think its good (if we think its good) and then propose a vote to Claire and so she can send it out to the entire USS

Kat summarized the idea to the committee  

Andreas and Anna both said they already support 

Gus asked if it’s necessary for them to even present anything to us?

  • instead send the three PDFs for an online vote to the full senate

  • Reply to WSG with a “we agree with the following” and that’s our endorsement 

  • Kat will inform the WSG (and NSSR Reps) of this plan

Topic 7: Spring 2020 Orientation Events *Need a working group-- DUE THIS MONDAY*

  • The Narwhal Staff Guide microsite has been expanded and updated to include information about all of OTP's areas of support: milestone programming such as Orientation and Grad Week, and ongoing engagement to enhance belonging amongst New School families and commuter students.

  • Spring 2020 Orientation

  • Mandatory, required, or priority events due October 18th

  • Optional events for students and families due October 28th

  • Share your space requests and get more information and support to plan for Spring 2020 Orientation

  • Grad Week 2020

    •  School-based ceremonies and events due October 25th

  • Optional events for students and families due October 28th

  • Share your space requests and get more information and support to plan for Grad Week 2020 

Spring Orientation

We just need to determine what we’re doing and tell the person 

What have we done in the past? 

  • undergrad mixer (Anna and Yousef) and grad mixer (Kat with Andreas and possibly Darius?)

  • Deedee and her relationship with the Ainsworth; holding something there because it is smaller but only for grad students 

Grad Week

Covi - suggestion: the place where you can break/smash stuff in Brooklyn 

Anna - suggestion: Costume party 

Andreas - suggestion: nearby escape room or laser tag 

Covi - we do want to facilitate conversations, also idea about the idea that people are basically going to be with their friends; Chelsea Piers gives the options of chill or game, it’s accessible, has food, and we have a relationship with them already. 

Final - Chelsea Piers

Sadie volunteered to lead this - but need to check with her. Anna and Covie will also be involved.

Anna will tell the correct folx what the plans are. 

Topic 8: Events

  • Halloween event 🎃 

    • not doing

  • Thanksgiving event 🦃 

    • simple to do; boston market catering - do it on the Thursday before; provide Tupperware to take things home; location? Claire heads (has a good feel for how to do it all). Joey and Gus to assist. 

  • Finals week event 💆(midnight breakfast, play with puppies, massage chairs etc.) 

  • Covi and Sadie-- updates? For Finals Week events; 

    • midnight breakfast with healthy items. Take over the whole second floor/cafeteria area where a chill center with blankets and all for a small nap and food. 

    • transforming one of the all-gender restrooms into a spa kinda thing; lighting, lotions, and aromatherapy stuff, mood music, elevate decor (talk to SLI about using all the decor) 

Notes and Action Items

  • Need to call peoples for all these events and figure out budgets and whatnot. 

  • Date to provide an approximation of budget and further stuff: 2 weeks - Nov 8. 

  • ? Confirm that Yousuf and Joey will remain on the committee. Will Yousuf be available during the common hour? If they do remain on the committee, then do they agree to the 24-hour comment requirement?