10.4 General Meeting Minutes: 

Present: Agnese, Alex, Ananya, Andrés, Anna, Claire, Chen, Covi, Emma, Gus, Kat, Katie, Keili, Lexi, Leila (non-senator)Lulu, Megan Kielty, Peter, Rachel Voorjees, Sadie, Sharon, Yousuf, Zoe     *Keili 15 minutes late

Meeting started: 3:00 pm

Meeting adjourned: 3:52 pm

Roll Call and Brief Introductions- 3:00 pm

  • Senators introduced themselves with fun facts, school information for 10 minutes.

Centennial Updates- 3:10 pm

  • Co-Chairs will share updates about Senate plans for Centennial celebration.

  • Night of Philosophy

  • new senators may try to sign up for a slot to go. 7 pm-7 am. Signups after the meeting ends for new senators to come.

  • As senators, hours count not for attendance as a student, but fulfilling senator roles. The event is set up in the courtyard at Lang for the duration of the evening

SAE Initiatives and USS input- 3:17 pm

  • Student Advocacy & Engagement Committee shared their initiatives for the year, spoken by Andrés.

  • SAE Suggested Initiatives- “Efficient with Senate Efforts”

  1. Events to bring schools together (pizza nights, topics for people to gather)

  2. Food Security Issues in the School (initiatives including: Community cooking classes, tiny parties with said cooked food)

  3. Work towards creating a student lounge where people can hang out

  4. Wholesome events for finals week (have money and resources to make these events- eg. Fruits, masses, etc)

      • Zoe inquired events are not necessarily initiatives, more like community building. Zoe stated that 3 of the initiatives all fell into one community initiative. Addressed a need of focus for student/experience-based things (eg. Financial Services, Student Disability Services, etc) as another initiative

        • Claire commented when we restructure committees and add more senators, we can spread out the initiative range and have a wider variety of initiatives with specific senators running them

      • Andrés responded that these issues were important to those in the meeting room. The five people on the committee were addressed issues that they were passionate about and would want to see through, not devaluing any one thing

      • Zoe responded that different initiatives made during the fall retreat training by the whole senate were not addressed in the set initiatives (eg. “flawed system”). Feels like there are only 2 initiatives.

      • Gus reciprocated more people who join can branch out from the 2 initiatives. 

      • Claire suggested the SA&E committee come up with another initiative with new senators, beyond Community and Food Security, looking at the EDI post for reference. Gus and Claire will work with them next week during their committee meeting

Communications Committee update- 3:16 pm

  • Anna announced new updates on furniture items + facilities/engineering regarding office updates. Alyssa should have plans sent to Anna by next week and she will then send out for a potential vote from Communications Committee.

Co-Director of SAE Committee and Co-Director of Finance Committee- 3:26 pm

  • Co-Chairs will hold an election for new Co-Director of SAE Committee and a new Co-Director of Finance Committee

    • Anna motioned to run for the Co-Director position, Lulu seconds.

      • Anna’s mini speech for reasoning addressed founding the 3rd initiative, wants to see out Communications Committee until the office is done and then switch as her role has been on the impact of students’ experiences.

    • Peter called point of order to see if anyone wants to close the floor for nominations if none are left to be given. No one responds to add any nominations. Peter motions to close floor and votes. Claire seconds. Unanimous vote in favor. 

    • Anna leaves the room for the vote. Gus motions we raise our hands for the vote. Claire seconds. Unanimous vote in favor. Gus motions to vote for the open SA&E Co-Director position, Claire seconds. Unanimous vote in favor for Anna.

Restructuring Committees for New Senators- 3:30 pm

  • Committees will give a report on what they have done so far this semester and will ask new Senators to choose the Committee they wish to serve on.

    • Finance: interested senators include Chen, Alex, and Emma. 

      • Open position for Co- Director: 

        • Chen self-nominated to run and gave speech about experience.

        • Alex self-nominated to run and gave speech about experience.

      • Claire asked both to step out, senators left. Sharon motioned for a blind vote. Claire seconds. Unanimous vote in favor. 

      • Blind vote conducted, with results siding Candidate 1: 11 votes, Candidate 2: 6 votes. Chen voted new Finance Co-Director

University Budget Committee- 3:33 pm

  • Peter and Zoe will talk about updates and revoting on Senators on University Budget Committee.

    • Zoe announces/gives info about summer board and they position is open to all. One undergrad and one grad student senator are needed to be a part of the actual Budget Advisory group. The position’s term will be open for the next 2 years. As both Peter and Zoe were a part of the summer Budget Advisory Planning group, the positions needed to be filled and both are interested in re-running for the positions.

    • Claire calls any other nominations for the position. 

      • Alex self-nominated to run for the grad student position. 

        • Peter gives the spiel about his experience. Alex chooses to keep previous speech from Budget Advisory Student Senator position

        • Claire motions for a blind vote, Gus seconds. 

        • Candidate 1: 10 votes, Candidate 2: 5 votes. Peter wins the spot.

Fossil Fuel Divestment Letter- 3:41 pm

  • Claire will talk about an invitation to sign a Fossil Fuel Divestment Letter to Mcgill University in conjunction with 11 other universities.

    • Claire motions for a vote. 

      • Peter requests letter to be sent via email so senators have more information/time to look at. 

    • Claire pulls of motion and says a 24 hour vote will be held online after sending out the letter this weekend to vote for our signature

      • Chen comments on SA&E need to focus on reviving our green initiative for the school, senate agrees and noted for next SA&E meeting

Open Forum- 3:45 pm

  • Leila addresses USS about EQC issues.

    • Speaks about the EQC/describes the services. Leila as a media officer, works with the school a lot and relies on these supplies at the EQC. Many times when students check out various equipment items, parts of them are damaged or missing and many students are unaware due to the checkout process. Students sign for the items after checking them, though if you do not catch/ misses it, you have to pay for costs to fix them.

    • Leila asks the Senate how can we improve the things that they miss, as there is no data for EQC to see if staff is making their mistakes.

    • She is advocating for new procedural policies, so when people are checking out a kit, there can be a middle point for check for students, for faculty to look at equipment, before having students give it to them to check