Minutes for Finance Committee: 10/2

  • Present: Peter, Claire, Lexi

  • Meeting started at 8pm

  • Meeting adjourned at 9:14

Beginning notes about responsibilities of Finance Co-Chairs:

  • Peter noted he has no problems with workload or emails.

  • Issues with not knowing when meetings are. Some miscommunications with appointments.

    • Reinforced about Skyping in for meetings should they not be present.

Need a meeting for next week:

  • Krishna and Peter: set roles on who wants to do what

  • Peter is good on Mondays after faculty meeting at 4 pm-5 pm, available before and after (on the 4th floor of 72 5th Ave).

  • Send availability by Friday.

    • Claire and Gus should respond Friday evening and send google invite

  • Google folder next week made with Claire and Gus for approved funds, denied funds, etc so we have that for the year.

Emailing recipients for funding:

  • Need emails sent more consistently to recipients who received funding/and their next steps.

    • Look into sending template email and having that setup. Will be discussed at meeting on Monday and separate meeting to be scheduled with Claire and Krishna for their “mini-training”

      • Everything from last year is still available in the senate email by searching “approved funds”, aka Lex’s approved funding/new funds for template emails that can be reused for emails this year.

Running funding log (can be 2 sheets)

  • Date, name of org, what was allocated- will be discussed more in-depth with Claire and Peter at a future date. Krishna available after 8:15

    • One log with students, orgs (register or un) for funding / one log for denied funds

    • one log for funds spent by each committee and the senate as a whole to see where funds are going/how are they spent.

  • Peter agreed it can be decided. Can be a log via google docs.

Roll Over Funds Assigned

  • Peter asking how to use rollover funds, suggests a procedure where under a certain amount its okay, but over it is voted on.

    • Not in the constitution, should be discussed in the meeting on Friday.

  • we can discuss during centennial updates for spending (regarding last-minute money for tote bags) and it can be discussed there/prompted as a vote.

Q’s about things:

  • After funding what happens,

    • Trying to get use credit cards for next semesters so George doesn’t have his students by for people.

    • After a funding meeting, Krishna and George can split up roles of who is doing before and after people apply for funding. Once funding is given.

    • Krishna and Peter want to learn both and can then thus cover for each other

  • What is happening for meet your senator week:

    • Meet your senator week- where you feel your School is most represented. Each school gets a day. Claire books tabling. Hours decided amongst members (Lulu, Peter, Krishna, Alexandra)

Went over agenda for Friday

  • Peter Brought up student bringing up STEM requirements that would affect her doing extra efforts of allowing students to be grandfathered in. and that a girl from lang. another girl discussing the faulty equipment at Arnold Hall.

  • Added note from Lexi’s suggestion for centennial about addressing administration with various students’ perspectives on the centennial and

  • Asked for agenda item of Zoe and Peter wishing to continue to be the student senators on the Budget Committee (after the Budget planning committee)

    • Senate will vote on who are the people,

    • One for undergrad and grad is their proposal for what each member does/the future upcoming.

Deliverables before Monday Meeting:

  • Email: Send availability before Friday with timing for meeting next week before/after faculty meeting from 4-5 pm.

  • Send agenda for meeting 48 hours before meeting this

Deliverables for OCt 11 Funding Meeting:

  • Google folder next for approved funds/denied funds, for both students/orgs/non-registered orgs and another internal log of spending for the senate for (so we have that for the year/managing roll-over)