February 1, 2019

Senate Minutes, Friday February 1, 2019. (6:00 plus)

Please note: these minutes begin at approximately 6:00; the senate convened uncustomary at 5:00 when some senators, including the designated note-taker (chief of staff), were in class.

Anti-Oppression Training


  • Don’t assume an identity

  • Recognize intent and address impact

  • Assume confidentiality (what is said in this room stays in this room)

  • Take care of yourself and one another.

  • Take care of yourself within a moment, and allow others the space to do that. (Ex. Suppose there is some “strong unpacking” that is happening, and someone leaves, we will assume a problem, and may even follow them, but maybe you were just going to the restroom. Nod at us so we know.

  • Our words hold power, but so does our silence.

Thumbs up to agree.

Thumbs down to disagree.

Waving hand motion to say “ok-ish.”

Marsha and I [Tamara] are available this week by email.

The university lacks some important structures – our work is critical, so we do it outside of work


We are Workers Equity. (WE)

Our statement:

“The New School replicates power dynamics and injustice we see in greater society, intended or not.”

We lead 2 workshops:

1)We do LGBTQ+ seminar, and

2)Microaggressions anti-aggression workshop.

This was developed by students.

Peer Health Advocates – students 5 years ago said that classroom experience is violent, because the curriculum is white- and euro-centric, students are misgendered, tokenized because of their race.

So students created this 4-hour workshop on micro-aggressions.

Our goal is to learn about power, privilege, oppression, and using micro-aggressions as a framework.

Why this goal is important:

[Break into 3 groups]


Icarus Project: Power is the ability to define reality, whether or not other people agree with your reality, for example, to decide who gets to decide who gets land, resources, power, who gets to decide the [system].

Privilege – advantage acquired simply by being who you are.

Think about these questions:

1)What privilege identities do you hold?

2)Where do you hold privilege besides what society says that you hold privilege? [sic]

3)how do people perceive my privilege?


5)How do I see others?

Power dynamics affect response.

Power dynamics: Potential to affect power of another as granted by an institutional context.

Power dynamic relationships within The New School:

Supervisor – Staff

Faculty – student

Think about the politics of global migration, who gets a visa, who affords education in the USA; The New School has a large international population.

Faculty – administrators

Faculty – staff

Are they tenured, part-time, are they for NSSR or Parsons?

Advisor – student

Advisors have a huge turn-over. How are they paid? How are they recruited? When I was a student here, they were faculty. Think about how neoliberal capitalism has affected higher education.

Administrator – Student

Student – Student

Student – Staff

Very exclusive things are going on in ethnicity, salary, gender, that are clearly oppressive practices.


[Wheel Activity]

Screening: Icarus Project Presents Sea Change: Navigating Oppression

What is an “ism?”

Oppression is “Discrimination + Power”-ism


[Iceberg Oppression Activity and discussion]

[Resume normal proceedings]

Claire: BSU came back to us, so what do we think?

Lex: This is unnecessarily expensive. They should use money from their e-board to fund it, we just don’t have money for it, we only have $21,000.

Zoe: No one has motioned to fund.

Lex: I motion not to fund.

Izzy seconds.

5 in support

2 abstain.

The motion is adopted.

Claire: Next is Media Studies.

Ahad: What’s $20 per person for dinner?

Claire: It’s what they’re doing for grad students.

Ahad: For 20 grad students.

Lex: Let’s fund some, not all, what is the core of what they want?

Zoe: It’s not our job to fix people’s budgets, but we have done it before. We can pick and choose what we want to fund.

Joey: Is that what we should be doing? BSU came and instead of fund part of it, we told them to decide. Instead, let’s say they need to come back with a smaller budget, and let them decide. I motion that.

Claire: Let’s fund:

Meetings, 4 at 100 = $400,

Skillshares, $200

Panels $200

International Students’ Workshop $200

Total $1,000.

Claire: Intro to Campus Services

Zoe: We already have orientation leaders.

Claire: New Museum

Zoe: I don’t know how it works with this sort of thing, but with classes, you can go and the school pays for many museums.

Lex: I will put that in the email.

But not lunch 8 per person.

That’s $240.

Ahad motions to fund the aforementioned.

Claire seconds,

6 in favor,

3 abstains,

0 opposed.

The motion is adopted.

Claire: Now this one is me. Katie and I met with the director of March of Our Lives, she is a student at The New School

What does she study?

Claire: Drama

What’s her name?

Claire: Kylie.

February 14th is the anniversary of the Parkland High School shooting. 17 high schoolers were shot last year on February 14th, in March, a march for gun control happened. It is personally important to me, my aunt was at Columbine, and watched someone get shit right in front of her in the library. I’m from Denver, and the closest theater to my house was Aurora, where the shooting happened.

I want to hold a candlelight vigil in the events café on February 14th from six to eight. I’m looking for 17 paintings from Parsons students to represent those lost, and writing from Lang students. We are not promoting the paintings to be bought, that is not the point; we want to see if CESJ will hang them after, maybe in the social justice hub.

Budget: enough candles to line the UC stairs in the lobby, and we will be getting paint and canvasses for parsons students because that stuff is expensive.

Joey: I am not personally very into painting, but I know that 32.99 is not enough because artists are very particular about their paint. Maybe you should speak to them and see if they have anything, or what they need, because if you buy them something cheap maybe they will say ‘ah, this is junk,’ and they would use their own, it would get wasted.

Izzy: I have spoken to some of my friends at Parsons who are artists, and people who have a lot of experience would be fine with it.

Zoe: Did the painters have connections to those lost? How would a family of the victim feel about a stranger depicting them?

Andres: When we have events that commemorate tragedy back home in Mexico, the approach is to learn about the specific individual, interview the family, etc., and do art inspired by that; another way is an image that’s just something that relates to it.

Claire: I had the reservations, I spoke to Kylie because she is from Parkland, and when I asked her about it, she said we can’t require that whoever does the painting does research. We have to leave it in good faith.

Joey: I think the fact that the artists are volunteers really solves the problem, because if someone is not comfortable making a representing of someone else, or doesn’t want to do the research, they won’t volunteer.

Claire: I would like to point out also that we have that $10,000 for initiatives, and two [thousand]

go to Katie.

Claire Exits for deliberation on finding.

Joey: I motion for full funding.

Izzy: I don’t know if we have a valid voice in this controversy.

Zoe: A better alternative is a wall to write messages on; that way, it is open to all students, and it is less open to controversy but more open to generalized feelings.

Joey: How about both? We can have the wall and still have the paintings.

Lulu: It could be triggering.

Zoe: How about a huge canvas for all?

Andres: How about we have people from COPA prepare performances?

Izzy: How about we have musicians? We could have temporary instruments, I don’t really know about that stuff.

Zoe: One canvas, of $98, is still ok to use.

Izzy: I motion that we bring Claire back into this discussion.

Claire Enters

Zoe: Since it is an initiative, you should be part of the conversation. Instead of small canvasses, how about large canvasses where anyone can write messages, open to all people, more of a community spirit thing. The year after the pride shooting in Florida, we did this. We had giant doors everyone could write on.

Claire: I like that. Kylie and Katie will like that. Can we make [paint available for all to use?]

Zoe: Yea, we can have pens, etc.

Andres: We’re reaching out to Mannes students about performing.

Claire Steps out for deliberation.

7 in favor

0 opposed

0 abstain.

The motion is adopted.

Zoe delivers the news to Claire

Meeting Adjourned.

December 7, 2018