September 21, 2018

Funding meeting


Present Senators: Zoe, Maftuna, Joey, Mario, Zoe, Katie, Didi, Deja, Alexis, Jonathan, Frank, Ahad

Visitors: Jackson, George

Absent: N/A

Meeting started: 6:06pm

Meeting adjourned: 9:50

Public Forum One:

1. George

Check out the bollywood event

Meeting Minutes

  1. Impeachment Hearing

    1. Zoe explains Nina’s constitutional violation

    2. Section 8 B1- failure to perform duties

    3. Code of conduct article 3 and 3.1

    4. Nina explains the incident

    5. Ahad motioned to decide whether or not we are going to impeach Nina, Joey seconds, 11 in favor, 1 abstained

    6. Didi motions to move forward with the impeachment and Deja seconds, unanimous

    7. Deja motions to have Lex and Mario outside the room, 9 vote for, 3 vote against

    8. Nina was voted to be impeached- 9 voted yes 1 abstained

  2. Executive Board Elections

    1. Joey and Deja both want to run

    2. Deja wins unanimously

  3. Empty seats on the senate

    1. Looked at the results from the last election to ask the runner ups if they would like to accept a seat in the senate

    2. There are 6 empty seats on the senate currently

    3. Co-Chairs will work together to send out emails to runner ups about their position

  4. Fall conference

    1. The conference will take place next semester because we do not want to use student funds for travel

    2. The same conference is occurring March 2nd in NYC and we will not have to pay for travel and accommodation

  5. Student Research Fund

    1. Deadline for the spring semester is the 15th of October

    2. Ahad has been in contact with the Provost Office and they have an email saying how they did it

    3. Ahad will use the template and draft an email to send out on behalf of the USS

    4. Need volunteers to review the applications- Didi and Deja will represent us

  6. Survey

    1. Survey was send out by Lex and we are waiting for the responses until next week

  7. Deja and Katie initiatives

    1. Pop up market - they will come up with a budget

    2. The new school roast - they will come up with a budget

    3. Speed “dating” - meet someone in the same program as you or with similar interests

    4. Student poll - an occasional poll

    5. Scholarship

    6. Budget inquiry

    7. Humanize the administration with the students

    8. Some type of culture center - women's center, LGBTQ center, office of interculture relations

    9. Dining dollars - they don’t roll over after the spring semester

    10. Emergency housing initiative - maybe taking the dollars unused for the students who are unable to access food

    11. Student engagement

  8. Advisory Board

  9. Revisions

    1. Revisions to the code of conduct and constitution

    2. This meeting will take place at the next internal meeting

September 28, 2018

September 14, 2018