October 5, 2018

Funding meeting


Treasurer: Frank

Present Senators: Marios, Katie, Alexis, Maftuna, Jonathan, Deja, Lex, Ahad, Frank, Didi, Claire, Joey

Visitors: Anna

Absent with leave: Isha, Zoe


Meeting started: 6:01 pm

Meeting Adjourned: 8:04 pm

For this meeting, quorum is reached because there are [12] present Senators

Meeting Minutes

Unfinished Business

  1. Seats in Senate/Elections

    1. Lex motioned to continue elections in Dec/Jan, rather fill seats via election in October

      1. Mario seconded

      2. Unanimous vote in favor

  2. Funding Committee

    1. Will be meeting with Megan to organize an official budget

  3. Survey

    1. Over 50 responses

    2. Will formulate a list of priorities based on survey answers

  4. Student Engagement Committee

    1. Joey provided senate with presentation in regards to giving students more of a voice

      1. New idea alias email

      2. Continuing with surveys to student body

      3. Analog Collection: Suggestion boxes, write-on posters, publicizing meetings

      4. Meeting time program for students to publicly voice ideas in a public area of UC

      5. Proposed a new mission statement (available via Joey’s PPT)

      6. Overall goal is to let students know we are available to assist in any way

      7. Lex suggested Joey connect with (other) Megan to achieve some goals

  5. Revisions

  6. Advisory Board

    1. Will revisit to confirm who is involved with Food Advisory Board

    2. Lex and Mario updated us on the meetings regarding Honorary Degree Candidates

  7. 100th Anniversary

    1. Deja updated Senate on her Joey’s efforts with student outreach program and collaboration with SHS/SJC

    2. Start internal organizing for 100th Anniversary events

New Business

  1. Miles Rockefeller Presentation (Emergent Funding Request)

    1. Intersection: Where Destiny Meets Creativity

      1. Kenji Summers & Sickamore as Lecture Series Guest

      2. Requesting $4,300 for lecture series

      3. Will provide specific links for lodging

      4. Will be at 12th St auditorium

      5. Has outside funding from SAFC/Dean Towers

      6. Deja motioned for full funding upon meeting financial allocation requirements

        1. Mario seconded the motion

        2. Unanimous vote in favor

  2. Ahad shares Student Research Fund Email

    1. Ahad motioned for the language of the email to be sent out

      1. Marios seconded email

  3. Deja USS suggestions

    1. Professional Polo & Name Tag

    2. Deja will work with Alexis to bring designs and budget together

  4. Katie & Deja Initiatives

    1. Katie mentioned full autonomy for Senators

      1. Joey suggested USS new column

      2. Lex mentioned new Dean of Students

      3. Didi mentioned adding a column on our website like “under the radar” for things that do not go out to the email

        1. Didi and Claire will write for this switching every week

Deja left meeting at 7:32pm, no further documentation of meeting minutes.

October 12, 2018

September 28, 2018