October 19, 2018

Funding meeting


Treasurer: Frank

Present Senators: Deja, Lex, Mario, Alexis, Maftuna, Joey, Katie, Jonathan, Didi, Ahad, Claire, Frank, Zoe

Visitors: Ruben

Absent with leave:

Absent: Isha

Meeting started: 6:10pm

Meeting Adjourned:8:54 pm

For this meeting, quorum is reached because there are 12 present Senators

Meeting Minutes

  • Visitors:

    • Ruben as guest of Senator Katie

  • Revisions

    • Creating consistency in the current constitution - we removed all items in Red and added all items in yellow per the edits added by Olivia - Vote: Yes(12), No(0), Abstain(1)

      • Move good faith clause - approved

      • Additions to Section B of Article VI - approved

      • Impeachment changes  - approved

        • Section B of Article VIII

      • Suspension rewording - approved

      • Violations of Code of Conduct - approved

        • Define impeachment un Section D.1

        • Penalties bullet points moved to Suspension section

        • Internal impeachment procedure section

        • Senator’s Oath added

    • Motioned additions to constitution

      • Suspension - senators who miss more than 4 meetings will be suspended for rest of semester and can rerun next semester

        • Senate agreed to have Olivia draft definitions of impeachment and suspension

      • Vacancies

        • Mario/Lex - motioned for elections twice a year, a primary election for fall semester in May and midterm elections for the spring in December

          • Stipulation: Will remove runner-up clause of constitution, special elections may permitted if the Senate has below 12 senators

          • Katie/Zoe 2nd

          • Vote: Yes(13) Unanimous

        • Ahad - subclause(s) to create a limit to the number suspensions per student and to create language explaining

      • Quorum

        • Quorum suggested at ½ of senate body + 1

          • Ahad motioned for this

          • Marios 2nd

          • Yes(12), No(1), Abstain(0)

      • Travel

        • Following research fund senate will be able to provide up to $500 for student travel (either domestic flights or hotel)

          • Marios motioned for this

          • Ahad 2nd

          • Yes(13), No(0), Abstain(0)

      • Funding

        • Change to provide $3,000 for individual requests and group/organization $5,000

          • Marios motioned for this

          • Alexis 2nd

          • Yes(13), No(0), Abstain(0)

      • Budget

        • Create first ever itemized budget rubric

          • Lex motioned that treasurer create budget rubric per semester with budget advisor guidance

          • Marios 2nd

            • Yes(13), No(0), Abstain(0)

      • Communications Directors

        • Add post 2x week during semester (not limited to directors)

        • Communicate fund recipients about posters/social media

        • Maintaining the website

          • Lex motioned for this

          • Marios 2nd

          • Yes(13), No(0), Abstain(0)

      • Chief of Staff

        • Change Secretary language to Chief of Staff in constitution

        • Add a monitor Google sheet of senator involvement

        • Maintaining Google drive

        • Sending agenda 24 hours before the meeting for agenda items submitted 48 before the meeting

      • Senator Requirements (Non-Executive Board Members)

        • 40-50 hours per semester

        • Wednesday meeting attendance

      • Meeting Schedule

        • Funding meeting every friday

          • Marios motioned for this

          • Lex 2nd

          • Yes(13), No(0), Abstain(0)

        • Tabled other schedule changes to next week’s meeting

    • Funding guidelines

      • Made changes to funding guidelines

October 26, 2018

October 12, 2018