November 16, 2018

Funding meeting


Treasurer: Frank

Present Senators: Mario, Zoe, Deja, Didi, Frank, Joey, Katie, Maftuna, Alexis, Ahad, Isha, Claire, Jonathan


Absent with leave:

Absent: Lex  

Meeting started: [6:04] pm

Meeting Adjourned: [9:06] pm

For this meeting, quorum is reached because there are [  ] present Senators

Funding Proposals Presentations

  1. Ana Paula Barreto

  1. Presenter: Ana Paula Barreto

    1. Associated Organization: N/A- Personal

    2. School:

    3. SLI recognized? N/A

    4. Event Name: Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders

    5. Event Date: December 10th - 16th

    6. Amount Requested: $230.00 (in travel)

    7. Comments: Attending a conference in Marrakech, Morocco- funds are used for travel. In addition, presenter stressed the idea of asking for USS to create a flexible fund for students in need as a response to previous refusal of funds.

    8. Alternative sources of funding: None

    9. Motions:

      1. Maftuna motion full funding

      2. Deja second motion

      3. 9 vote yes, 2 abstain

    10. Amount Awarded: $230.00

SENS UAW Update: Angela from bargaining committee

-Economic conditions hold-up, 2% wage increases each year for next 5 years, less than inflation

-Approx. ⅓ of workers qualified for part of health insurance premium

-Mon. Nov. 26th strike deadline

-Strike/ support petition-

-Forward out SENS UAW communications as best as can -


Megan Keilty Narwhal Nation:

  • From SLI, going over NN

  • Logging in, accepting access,

  • Up and coming events, RSVPing

  • Can add to Google Calender

  • Can do USS Category- All in one block or tab, Megan can print report and code which events coded USS and can look at events, rsvp, etc.

  • Newspost- Can technically import all students (fee paying) into feed

  • NN Forms v. Google Forms

  • Megan will forward info (to accompany NN cliffnotes)

  • News posts are for larger initiatives-  not group by group or initiative by initiative, like elections as opposed to events

  • No click data

  • Newsletter SLI- didn’t work in NN, can use constant contact email for click data.

  • Admin/ requests

  • Can see time stamp for ballot submissions

  • Ahad B-Day donuts

Thanks to Claire and Deja for name tags

  1. Mario discuss budget

  2. Budget percentages

  • Funding institutes v. representative institutes

  • Ahad: Issues with individual funding

  • Ahad: How much of the budget do we want to spend? How much did we spend last year? Gotta keep records and look at those going forward. Make rubrics for proposals. Budget-only internal meetings. Number of people requesting funds/attending funded events v. those voting. More students voting makes money lil less of an issue Pass down senatorship and knowledge- senate about senate not senators

  • Deja motion table budget- didi second motion

  • MArio funds roll over?? Election numbers low??? Goal- monty and project initiatives/ voter turnout. DVZ 30th - is budget ok for DVZ

  • Deja- more seats?

  • Mario- budget concerns/ approval and rubric vs. strict voting- deja, jonathan, mario

  • Deja/Didi NSSR Rubric

  • Frank proposes changing senator initiative percentage from 14% to 10%, in accordance with our lessening individual student funding, add 4% to student groups,

  • Zoe propose maybe move 2% as a compromise

  • Mario motion spend all money by May , Jonathan second

  • Frank ask about what happens if we don’t- katie say degenerate

  • Voting- unanimous

  1. CoPa seats- connect Alexis and Maftuna with Olivia

  • AN. ISSUE.

Honorary rep for other major?

V.05 Didi and Deja- Problems with racism and propose senators have a mandatory  attendance of racial seminar- racial sensitivity training. Will be meeting with Tamara about microaggression trainings but eventually USS will need to vote on approval. Alexis has a contact- equity, diversity, inclusion day that would be a good model. Will forward details.

  • Sit down w olivia and draft language about institutionalizing trainings

Extension- sexual misconduct clause, consent and trauma

Alexis- intimacy direction and consent, theater (story-telling) , q&a panel, workshop but can use model for different initiatives- 90 min. learning experiences

V.06 Tabling- 70 ish responses back- biggest issue is that they don’t know. Didn’t even know NSPE- which schools, etc. College connectivity an issue in general

  • Parsons student feedback too

  • Met with dean and director of student affairs, Mary Watson, (Chrissy too?) proposing an open monthly meeting, looking to meet with them again

Deja and Justin, not able to met yet but U planning week , planning event during 100 week with students, like a talent week, concert?

Publish Tabling on the slack

Deja- senate speaker that’s not a co-chair - vote eventual

Meeting adjourned 9:06

November 30, 2018

November 9, 2018