December 7, 2018

Funding meeting


Treasurer: Frank

Present Senators: Joey, Mario, Lex, Alexis, Didi, Deja, Lulu, Gus, Claire, Ahad, Andres, Izzy, Mackenzie

Visitors: George, Lily, Mathias, Robin, Payton, Zach

Absent with leave:

Absent: Jonathan, Frank, Maftuna, Katie

Meeting started: 6:00 pm

Meeting Adjourned: 7:35 pm

For this meeting, quorum is reached because there are [  ] present Senators

I. Public Forum

  • Proposal by Mathias and Robin:

    • Get student leadership together to make them known to students

    • Just want to ask about the student body and student orgs -- who is effective and popular -- student groups that aren’t student orgs

    • Will email us about their next steps

V.01 Elections Recap

Voter turnout and election results!

  • George came in to introduce himself and talk about voter turnout and elections

  • Advisory board -- history of the board, never had one before -- talk about how much we did

V.02           Introductions

New and Old Senators introduce themselves.

V.03 Funding Rubric and Goals Sheet!

Co-Chairs and Treasurer will present the funding rubric and the USS will vote on it.

  • Funding rubric voted on

    • Joey proposes to use it for all proposals going forward

    • Didi seconds

    • Unanimous

V.05 Executive Board Positions and Elections / Narwhal Nation Page

USS will vote on separating the Treasurer position into Procurement and Allocations Managers, as well as announce

Executive Board Elections for next semester and the first meeting of the semester. Who runs Narwhal Nation page?

  • Explains the breakdown of representative board vs the executive board

    • Explains different senatorial roles

    • Do NOT pursue executive board if you have initiatives you wanna do !!!!

  • Separating treasurer into two positions

    • Procurement -- budget

    • Allocations -- emails and communication regarding budgeting

  • Deja motions to approve the separation of treasurer

  • Alexis seconds

  • unanimous

V.04 Family Fair Well Tabling / Centennial Celebration

Claire will ask for final thoughts on tabling for Spring Orientation.

  • New senators can reach out to Claire about participating in Spring Orientation events

  • Zoe explains background on how we manage funds -- where we get money, how we use it on a basic level

V.06           Student Research Award and NSPE Updates

Deja and Didi will update us on feedback from NSPE tabling, as well as feedback from the Student Research Award.

  • George’s anti-oppression leadership training -- do it at two meetings for two hours each (safe zone later)

    • Deja and Didi talk about how important this is for student leaders in general, especially USS

    • Make it MANDATORY for USS senators

    • Make it Feb 1st and 8th next semester

      • Safe spaces in fall 2019

    • Deja motions This is mandatory for all senators

      • Alexis seconds

      • Unanimous

  • Student Research Award

    • Deja and Didi on selection committee

    • Would the USS be open to considering adjusting the SRA budget?

      • Increase it by $2,145 (really wanted to include this one proposal from Parsons Paris)

      • Just for this cycle of the award

      • Ahad, Deja, and Didi all made it clear that this is a one time thing.

      • Lex motions to not fund

        • Mario seconds

        • 3 yes, 4 opposed, 2 abstain

      • Ahad motions for the increase this one time because the rubric under how this person is being funded is rigorous and it is unfair to leave this one person out

        • Deja seconds

        • 4 yes, 3 no, 2 abstain

        • It is being funded *****

        • Mario reminds that the research fund already takes 17% of our budget

        • Ahad makes the argument that we will fund individuals $3000 during funding proposals, so why not this? We can’t fund abroad students anyway

        • Mario has seen this rom the administration before, so he is not sure that we are setting a hard enough line for them, because we are here for students, not for the administration

      • Joey motions to pass a proposal to the administration about matching our funds

      • Didi and Deja clarify that this is in addition to cutting $300 from each person to try to fund all of these research projects

V.07 Alexis’ Initiatives

Alexis will talk to USS about:

  • a mental health project she has been working on.

    • Suicide prevention show in spring

    • Panel and workshop included

    • $3000

    • Come back with a proper proposal in the spring

  • a creative tech workshop for TNS.

  • new equipment for the only performance space shared between each school of CoPA at Arnhold Hall.

    • Jazz and Drama spaces are small and sad

    • Mannes takes over most of the building

    • One shared space -- proposing next semester for a new projector

    • Arnold hall is not friendly to people with disabilities

    • Better facilities for Jazz and Drama !!!!

  • how USS can be a more proactive force in this field at our school, including a workshop in Connecticut for intimacy direction

    • Intimacy directors (payton)

    • Wants to send payton to a conference to learn how to be an intimacy director

    • Intimacy directors are important for consent culture in dramatic fields -- acting, theater, tv, film, etc

    • Come back from conference and talk to the school about consent culture

  • a Drama mixer and the potential for mixers in other schools.

  • how USS can create a more inclusive space for students!

V.08           Dinner !!

Dinner reservations at Peacefood at 7:45pm !!

V. Public Forum Two

This time is reserved for members of the public to address the University Student Senate on issues on or not already appearing on the

agenda. A limit of 5 minutes per speaker and 15 minutes per topic will be enforced. This is not a period of discussion for the

University Student Senate, however, the co-chairs may respond to specific questions and concerns made by the public.

VI. General USS Reports

VII.02 Board, Officer, and Staff Reports (Limited to 2 minutes per person)

VII. Adjournment

February 1, 2019

November 30, 2018